Day 4: One Thing at a Time (& A Blog Makeover!)

Self-discipline Challenge

Thanks for joining us for the 21 Day Self-Discipline Challenge!  See what it’s all about here.  If you’re just joining in, you can get the book here.

If you’re anything like me, at any given time, you have no less than 20  good habits you’d like to start and/or bad habits you’d like to stop. Sometimes, it feels like there are a countless number of things I need to “fix” about myself.

Crystal meets that problem head-on with today’s lesson:

Instead of trying to implement two dozen habits at once, pace yourself… Yes, it takes longer to actually see big changes, but those changes will be long-lasting…It’s better to focus on and master only three habits each year that actually stick, than to repeatedly try to develop 30 different habits all at the same time and end up overwhelmed, frustrated, and back to where you started.

This makes perfect sense. And, it’s something God has been teaching me as well.  I shared before how I lack follow through. I feel like that is actually one of the biggest faults that I’ve struggled with. I get impatient for results, so I try to do too many things at once, or give up because I want to do more. All the while, I’m regressing instead of progressing.

Assignment 1: Follow through with small habit.
I got dressed and made my bed first thing  this morning.  It always feels great to start my day off on a productive note, and with a neater bedroom.

Assignment 2: Follow through with “life hack” habit.
Okay, I’m just going to be real and admit that I didn’t do this today.  I intended to work out first thing this morning, but couldn’t and then the rest of the day I just didn’t do it.  Back on track tomorrow.

Assignment 3: Mega-Project.
Okay, I didn’t technically do this either, but I was kind of ahead from yesterday. So, instead of my mega project today, I spent the day playing around with my blog and changing things up a bit.  I’m not very tech-savvy (read: not at ALL tech-savvy!), so even changing to the simple design you see here took me hours.

Today’s Assignment: Make a list of habits.
Today’s new assignment was to make a list of good habits I’d like to implement, and bad habits I’d like to do away with. I have to confess that I am a major list nerd, so this was actually kinda fun for me. So, now I have my lists.  Hopefully ready to start checking things off as the weeks go by.

How did you do today?  

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    • Crystal says

      Thanks, Lindsey! I wanted something a little cleaner/simpler, and a more personalized header. I’ve been putting it off forever because I’m horrible at stuff like that, but I finally just went for it.

  1. Kim Hamilton says

    I love the new look! I also wanted to say that I truly enjoy your blog. We are alot alike (I, too, am a list nerd) and I can truly relate to your posts. I am enjoying the Self-Discipline series. This is an area of mine I want to work on, correction, need to work on. Looking forward to what’s to come. God bless you and your family.

    • Crystal says

      Kim, thank you so much for your kind words of encouragement! I’m so glad that you can relate and find blessing and encouragement here! That blesses my heart to hear.

  2. Melinda Stanton says

    I love the "small idea" thing… sounds like my "Every Little Helps" post I did a few weeks back! It's so easy to get paralyzed by the enormity of ALL the changes we need to make and projects we need to do. Thanks so much for this series!

  3. says

    I had a major setback in my megaproject – explained to the hubby my final vision and he was not on board. Now I am having to rethink what I want the final result to be and rewrite my steps, amidst all the squalor. ugh! I was too depressed to list any of my bad habits (wow there are a ton!) but change is on the horizon and I am working on developing better habits.

    • Crystal says

      Kourtney, I’m sorry about your mega project :( I hope that you and your hubby can work out a compromise, or that God will inspire you with a new vision that your hubby can support. As for the bad habits, I too have a ton. However, I have always heard about the importance of emphasizing the positive rather than the negative, so that’s what I tried to do with my habits. (instead of listing “staying up too late” as a bad habit to break, I listed “go to bed earlier” as a good habit to start. Instead of “poor eating habits,” I listed “start eating healthier.” This doesn’t work for everything necessarily, but nearly ever bad habit has a corresponding good habit. Supposedly focusing on the positive to start (rather than the negative to stop doing), is a mental thing that helps motivate and inspire. Maybe you could try that for your lists? I completely understand the feeling of being discouraged by the amount of habits that need changing.

  4. Coreen Smith says

    Done, done, done. Did them all today. Looking forward to getting day 5 done later tonight. It was not up before I headed to bed early last night. It will be a great day.

    • Crystal says

      I hadn’t really thought about not working on Sundays, it was just something that occurred to me yesterday when I was thinking about what to do. Thanks for the link!

    • Crystal says

      I hadn’t really thought about not working on Sundays, it was just something that occurred to me yesterday when I was thinking about what to do. Thanks for the link and for sharing each day.

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