Discipline Day 12: Focus

Self-discipline Challenge

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Today’s Assignment: Focus

Today, Crystal talks about something important-focusing on your goals. I think focus is such a huge part of most anything we do in life. In marriage, we should focus on our spouse and that relationship, it’s when we move our eyes off each other that we open ourselves up to be tempted. In our Christian walk, we need to focus on Jesus. Paul reminds us to “set your mind on things above, not on earthly things.” That’s focus.

And we need it to succeed at our goals. Crystal brings up a very good point, in that not all things distracting us from our end goal are bad. Some are. Like wasting time on the internet when we should be productive instead (Seriously, did you know that if you’re on Firefox, you can set up a block on your computer for added accountability?!). But, sometimes our focus is threatened by good things, like other projects. But if we’re constantly distracted from one project to the next then we won’t make much progress.  Crystal says:

When you learn to focus you will find yourself quickly finishing up tasks and then moving onto the next…start using your timer to train yourself to focus 100%. Start very small. Set your timer for five minutes and then throw yourself wholeheartedly into that task until you hear the timer beep.

The challenge for today is to consider anything that might be distracting you and rid yourself of that distraction. I’ve mentioned before that the internet can be a huge time-kill for me, but over the past few days I’ve been doing much better about that, and have noticed a lot more productivity without that particular distraction.

How are you doing with the challenge? Do you find that you’re easily distracted? How do you stay committed and focused on the goal or task at hand?

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    This is a huge battle for me too, especially this week when everyone at my house is sick and there hasn’t been much sleep. Hopefully I’ll catch up on my sleep and my big goal very soon!

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    I find setting the alarm clock earlier and waking up before distractions have time to catch me helps too. If I try to get my run done later in the day I find too many reasons not to get to it, which has been my biggest obstacle!

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    Focus is a big one for me too. Luckily my distractions were taken away on the big days this weekend, my husband watched the little one and let me clean and organize to my hearts content. The rest of my house was left to become a disaster, but the room I was organizing is looking great!

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    I love this post. I know I have good intentions, but I do lack focus or at least for an extended amount of time. I tend to jump from one thing to another. I absolutely agree that a marriage needs focus to work!

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    My problem is that I tend to focus on the wrong things sometimes. I can be a very focused and driven person- but sometimes what I choose to focus on is what needs to change. Namely, focusing on Jesus Christ and his redemptive work in me- instead of all my failed expectations. Being a recovering perfectionist- I have discovered that what can be more difficult is simply letting go and living in the reality of “I am redeemed.”
    At the heart of it is living in the knowledge that who I am in Christ Is the most important thing about me- not what I do/do not do. So my biggest focus challenge is simply “focus on Jesus.”

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