Saving Money w/ a New Baby


Today, I’m sharing a guest post from Brianna at This Rookie Wife.

My husband and I were married at 21 and parents at 22. Now, at 23, we
have a precious six-month-old baby girl. My husband is completing a
pastoral internship and I’m staying at home with our daughter. According to
most standards, we are a low-income family. How do we manage a family on a

Penelope and I on Halloween. Her Puppy costume was $4.00 and we use it as a
sweater now!

1. Consider Your Wants & Your Needs
When you’re having a baby, especially your first, you will often feel that
everything is a “need”. This is not the case. Try to purchase minimal items
for your baby, and make a gift registry for your needs and a few of your
wants so that people who want to bless you can do so.

2. Borrow, Borrow, Borrow
If you’re tight on cash, ask around for clothes, books, toys, or anything
that you think you’d like for your baby. Many people have boxes of baby
clothes stashed in a closet, unused. Dig through your parents basement and
find your old childhood books and toys to pass down to your kids.

3. Buy Used
I never buy anything new for my daughter. There are tons of great used
children’s stores, but even better, try to find baby and children’s items
at garage sales or online. I’ve bought Gap clothes for fifty cents, and
board books for five cents.

4. Go Vintage 
Do things the old-fashioned way, and it will save you loads of money. Use
cloth diapers rather than disposables (you can buy used cloth diapers, if
that doesn’t gross you out, I did it!) Make your own baby food rather than
buying jars. Breastfeed for as long as possible so that you don’t have to
buy formula (this option isn’t available to all – I unfortunately have
started to supplement because of low milk supply).

5. Utilize your local library
Some days I can get really restless at home all day, and so can my
daughter. The cheapest form of entertainment for us is strapping her into
the stroller and walking (not driving) to the library. I can browse books,
take a few out for myself and my baby, and even check out some of the DVDs
or magazines. If my daughter is sleeping, I can flip through a magazine on
a cozy couch while sipping tea that I brought from home (beats Starbucks
any day!)

My family is proof that you don’t need to make a lot of money to have
children. I have a healthy, happy, and very loved little girl. She is
lacking nothing, and we thank the Lord for his rich blessings each day!

If you want to read more about our family and find more budget-saving tips,
please check out my blog This Rookie Wife.



  1. says

    Hand-me-downs are great! Our third baby but first daughter was born three weeks ago. I had lots of boy baby clothes, but not too many girl things. But we’ve been given so much! She now has plenty of clothes to last for months!

    • says

      congrats on your daughter!! We don’t have many friends to give us clothes, but have been lending out stuff to friends as our daughter outgrows them..perhaps if we have a boy next they’re return the favour! :)

  2. says

    I agree! This post is refreshing. I think many 1st time moms are pulled into thinking they have to have certain items. I thought that way and my husband and I couldn’t afford that thinking. So that made for some unpleasant experiences. Fast forward almost 12 years and now we are expecting our 5th child, my perspective has completely changed. . . for the better. Baby’s don’t need fancy and expensive. . .especially since the grow so quickly!!

    • Crystal says

      Gabrielle, I completely agree about the stewardship thing! We need to be wise stewards and not spend money on something just because we can…wastefulness is still wastefulness. Such a great point! And, thanks for sharing your budget posts as well.

  3. says

    We did the same thing, Brianna! Young marrieds and my husband was on his pastoral internship when we had our first baby. People thought we couldn’t make it on such a meager salary, but thankfully I had very frugal parents for inspiration and encouragement :) Thanks for sharing your story!

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