Saying yes.

Say yes

Today has been one of those days…we’ve had a lot of them lately.  Something about that lost hour has really affected my boys this time around, and we’re just now getting back to normal around here.  So, I decided to drown my grumpiness in cupcakes.

The boys, of course, were quite excited as well.  It came time to ice them, and  I hear an excited voice, “Can I help put the icing on?”

Big sigh inside.

I can do this infinitely faster without their particular brand of help.

I was in no mood to have a short task turned into a long one, or to clean up the mess made by a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old trying to put icing on cupcakes.

Everything in me said “No.”

I reasoned that they were getting cupcakes, and fun colored icing to boot…that’s treat enough, right?

But in that moment, another little voice reminded me that these days are fleeting. We all hear it so often, and we all know the truth of it.

That other voice also reminded me that living with a mom who suffers from depression means that my kids get less fun mommy moments than I would like.  There are far too many “no’s”.

So, in that moment, I grabbed a couple extra snack-sized bags from the pantry before I could give myself time to think about it.

They had so much fun.

It was worth the mess.  And you know what I’ve found? It almost always is.

Note: If anyone is interested, I simply made homemade butter cream frosting (similar to this recipe, although you could use store bought as well), and then colored it with food coloring. I put it in zippered baggies, and cut a small hole in one corner to squeeze out the icing. It helps if you refrigerate it for a bit, so it’ll be firm. Otherwise the heat from squeezing on it makes it kind of melty.



Having Fun:

And,their finished product:


When is the last time you said “yes” to spontaneous fun with your kids?  What inspires you to have more fun moments?


  1. MonicaBerry says

    I need to remind myself of this, too. I find myself saying “no” & “not right now” very often… especially now that I have a newborn & am unable to do much for big sister while nursing.

    • Crystal says

      I remember those days, Monica…it’s tough. I used to read books to my then 2 year old while I was nursing his baby brother, so we could all cuddle together. I completely understand saying “no,” or “in a minute” all too often.

  2. says

    II know too well how easy it is to say no all the time. I’ve been working on this very same aspect in my daily doings. I’ve learned that the silly giggles and excited faces make up for all the mess or added minutes. In the end I feel more happy than I realized I could.

  3. Cristina says

    I often remind myself to say “yes” also. A few years ago I read a parenting book or article (can’t remember now) that talked about saying yes to your kid’ reasonable requests as much as possible. There are so many times I would rather do it myself or go somewhere by myself and then I hear the little voice and I look at the little face making the request…. I realize there will be a time very soon w hen they may not want to hang out with mom.

    • Crystal says

      I completely agree, Cristina! We don’t always succeed, but it is a goal of mine as well to say yes as often as possible to reasonable requests. Those spontaneous things often make the best moments! :)

  4. says

    I was blessed by reading this. I have suffered with this and what a joy it is to read about you and how wonderfully you are raising your kids. I am praying for you Crystal. God’s grace, peace, light, and love Doreen XO

    • Crystal says

      I feel you! There are way too many versions of that answer in our house; I find myself replaying those moments so many nights as I lie in bed.

    • Crystal says

      Thanks, Holly! I’m so honored that you would visit my blog :) I love yours, it’s so inspiring, even if I’m not really “there” yet.

  5. says

    I’m so proud of you, C! You overcame, you pushed through, you preferred your kids over yourself. What amazing spiritual growth, even if you don’t know it. =) Love ya!

    • Crystal says

      Jenni, thank you so much for your kind words! And you’re so right…that’s what it comes down to really, selfishness. I have come to admit that I can be a very selfish person.

  6. says

    so fun! I’ve never thought to let him ice cupcakes! we may have to try that sometime now that he’s getting bigger! yay for saying “yes” <3

    • Crystal says

      Paula, it was fun :) Even my 3 year old did an okay job, and the mess wasn’t really *that* bad. I’ve let them smear it on with a knife before as well, but they seemed to like squeezing it out of the baggie even more.

  7. says

    It's so hard to say yes sometimes. Especially when my almost two-year-old wants to "help" with dishes. But like you, I try to remind myself that these days are fleeting, and it almost always makes both of us happy when he gets to participate.

  8. says

    That's what cupcakes should look like…with the happy face of a child on the other side of it!
    Sinea <a href=>Ducks ‘n a Row</a>.

  9. says

    Hi Crystal,
    Yummy cupcakes. I found you over at Missional Women. Would love for you to link up at Home Educator Mom. Have a wonderful Easter!

  10. says

    My munchkin wanted to help decide what was for dinner, so I asked her what she had in mind. First was mac and cheese–which she’d had for lunch. Second was grilled cheese–which she’d had for lunch the day before. I told her I was looking for something more… exciting. She thought, and thought, and thought and said, “APPLE CHICKEN!” I asked her, What’s apple chicken? She shook her said and said, I dunno, mama. And ran off to ride her bike. Well, I had apples, I had chicken, and the resulting dish was delicious. Sort of an apple compote, chicken breasts, cheddar cheese, over rice. Devastatingly delicious! I told her she can help decide dinner any time. That was when she was 5, she’s 12 now and likes to cook, just like her mama!

    • Crystal says

      Thanks for sharing, Brigitte! What a great story, and how cool that you were able to improvise in the kitchen to take your daughter’s suggestion :)

  11. says

    My husband was just telling me right now, through bouts of laughter, that the girls found party poppers & got hold of scissors, and have turned his hard work of cleaning the sitting room into something else.

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