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Note: Kiwi Crate provided me a complimentary kit so that I can share our experience with it, and they are also providing a kit for giveaway to one of my readers. Links in this post might be affiliate links. All opinions are my own. As always, I value my integrity more than profit, and would never endorse a product I don’t believe in.

Last week, the boys were super excited to get their very own package from Kiwi Crate. If you’re not familiar with Kiwi Crate, they have a lot of great activity and craft based kits that are geared toward (and tested by) kids ages 3-7.  The company was founded by a fellow mom, and you can find her story here.

They have amazing activity kits!  Each kit contains ALL the supplies you need to create at least 2 projects, along with additional ideas as well.

We received the Wind Power crate.

Wind Power Contents


The kit contained everything we needed, including:

* Scissors, adhesives, and ALL other supplies needed. We could literally have taken this on a trip or something and created the project with just the contents of this box, which was really nice.

*Detailed instructions, along with a scale on the front of the booklet indicating the level of messiness, and parental involvement required.

*A separate paper with additional ideas, as well as a link for additional resources from their website.

Here they are, decorating and building their wind cars.  Logan is concentrating so hard!



Kiwi Crate Review


Caeden was so proud of his wind car:

Kiwi Crate Review


One of the coolest things about this kit is that it’s a creative art project, which I love, but even more than that, it’s a practical project. They are actually creating something that they can play with, and/or continue to interact with in some way…

We had a beautiful day here, and it was a good windy day so we took our wind cars outside. I wish I could have effectively captured the laughter and glee as my boys played with these cars, chasing them and racing them as the wind blew them around. Here is a small sampling.

Logan won the first race :)




And then Caeden won :)



Having fun chasing their wind cars as they were getting blown about. They particularly loved when their cars “wrecked” in the grass.


Kiwi Crate


We haven’t done the second project of the kit yet, but my boys absolutely LOVED this project and playing with the resulting wind car.

Things we loved about Kiwi Crate:  

*Great service. They were fantastic to work with.

*Everything you need is included in the box.

*So many of their kits are educational and can easily be integrated into your homeschool schedule as enrichment activities. In fact, the part of the kit we haven’t done yet was a wind sock and included a page with descriptions of Beaufort wind scale measurements, along with a worksheet so that they can observe and chart their own wind sock.

*They get to enjoy it twice–once while creating it, and ongoing after that while  using or playing with their creation.

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Which kit was your favorite?


  1. says

    I have to ssay I enjoy the posts about the boys and fondly remember my little boy when he was that young. God bless you and your family. My baby is a 26 year old man now. But, I teach Jesus Sprouts at Church and have many young brothers and sisters in Christ to play and have an adventure with. Picking one is hard… I love the gardening one, farmer's market, colors…Thank you and Kiwi Crate for the blessing!

  2. Sarah Mueller says

    Ooh – I think we would like the wind kit – what a fun idea. I think this kit would be good for a special weekend when Grandma babysits.

    • Crystal says

      Yes, those look neat! I love the making music one :) And I’m sure my boys would love the bug one…lol

  3. rusti says

    The Wind Power crate would be an excellent supplement to my son for homeschooling. Thanks for the giveaway Kiwi Crate!

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