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Each week, Crystal Paine at Money Saving Mom shares her weekly goals and hosts a link up for others to share as well.  Because of my colossal failure with many things, and my renewed desire to get back on the wagon, I decided to do this by participating. Some of these will seem like basic things to many of you, but I’m nothing if not honest, and this is where I am right now. There are some things that I am already doing, so those aren’t on the list.


1.  Memorize 2 verses (one with the boys and one for myself)
2.  Reach out to someone new through visit or contact (our family is working on a shut-in ministry that we can do together)
3.  Read 3 chapters of Prayer Warrior Mom.


1. Start on All About Reading program with boys (Watch for a review coming soon!)
2. Do something intentional to show love to my husband each day
3. Get back on track with meal planning.
4. Get busy bags, etc. ready for our trip to Teaching Them Diligently in Nashville this weekend.


1. In bed by 10:30 at least 5 nights
2. Work out 5 times
3. Count calories daily with My Fitness Pal.


1. Write 4 articles (3 for my blog and 1 guest post)
2. Write 5 devotions for submission to Thriving Family Magazine (Did you see my devotions in the current issue?)

This is kind of a trial run, so next week’s goals might be tweaked a bit, but we’ll go with this list for now.  Wish me luck ;)


  1. says

    I also link up to Crystal’s Goal post for my website. I am in the same season of life as you right now and I have been posting for weeks about the funk that I have been it. It’s so much harder to crawl out then it was to fall in. My goal with my weekly goals is to keep it KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). It might sound juvenile to some people, but they are my goals and that’s where I am at. Your goals are great and they will help you move forward and crawl into normalcy again!

    • Crystal says

      Ramona, thanks so much for your encouragement! Your words were just what I needed right now, it’s always nice to hear from someone who understands, at least somewhat :) And, you’re so right–it’s much harder to crawl out of than it is to fall into! I’m going to check out your goals now…

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