Nothing Cools Off Summer like…

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Popsicles!  We have a pretty liberal definition of the word in our house.  The word “Popsicle” refers to  the homemade varieties using fruit juice, or chocolate pudding and cool whip.  And you guys know that I’m all about making things at home.

But for me, nothing says summer and childhood better than Fla*vor*ice freezer pops…which are also called popsicles at our house.

Fla*vor*ice freezer pops are a great, mom-approved snack.  They are a great value in both calories and cents–both things that matter to me!  Each serving is approximately $.10-$.15, and has approximately 20-25 calories, with only 6g sugar.

And, they even have lots of great new flavors, such as Original Fruit Flavors, Tropical Flavors, and even a sugar-free variety.  And, most even contain real fruit juice.  I remember eating these as a kid, and I love that now my boys can enjoy them as well!

During the summer, these bars are a refreshing snack for any time of day.  Hint:  They are especially refreshing if you just happen to be largely pregnant during the hot, summer months…as I was twice!  I needed to watch my sugar and calorie intake, but I wanted something refreshing to cool the heat.  For me, it was flavorice freezer pops.  I personally prefer the blue and pink if you’d like a recommendation!

My kids have other recommendations.  Caeden prefers the red and orange, while Logan prefers the blue and green.  But trust me, they all get gobbled up :)

Since my boys just LOVE to be outside–all day, every day if they have anything to say about it, these are a great treat for them to grab and go.  The paper is easy enough to get thrown away in an outside trashcan, and I don’t have to worry about my popsicle sticks getting lost (not that it’s ever happened or anything…ahem).

You can also check out Fla-Vor-Ice on Facebook.  Like their page for lots of great summer images and ideas :)

So, tell me…what is YOUR favorite flavor?  Or color, because in our house they are defined by colors and not flavors.


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  1. says

    My twins are 22 and still have to have freezer pops on hand. They still love them after all these years. I wonder how long they have been around. I remember them as a kid. Which was almost 50 years ago.

    • Crystal says

      So sweet! Kids never outgrow their need to be babied a little bit by mom :) Especially with freezer pops….lol

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