Leaving the Waiting Place & Chasing Dreams

God-Sized Dreams
I’m honored to be guest posting over at the Allume blog today :)

Can I make a confession? I have a God-sized dream buried deep in my heart.

It has been there as long as I can remember, but I’ve only recently gained the courage to give voice to it.

Maybe you do, too. Maybe you have a dream so big that you keep it tucked safely away where this world of disappointments can’t touch it.

I’m reminded of a movie I watched a few years ago, Win a Date with Tad Hamilton (don’t laugh!). In this movie, one of the main characters (Pete) is secretly in love with the female lead (Rosalee). And the wise bartender challenges him to go after her. Here’s part of their exchange:

Pete: I’ve tried everything.
Angelica: What did she say when you told her that you love her?
Pete: Well, actually, maybe not everything, but…
Angelica: What did she say when you kissed her?
Pete: OK, maybe it’s more like two things I haven’t tried.
Angelica: Well, what have you tried?
Pete: I have very unsubtly implied how I feel about her.

Aren’t we a lot like Pete sometimes? We have this dream. A dream so big that it  fills our hearts with longing, and we just have to follow after it.

Except we can’t. Because what if we fail?

Read the rest over at the Allume Blog today.

Do you have a dream that is yet unfulfilled?  What steps can you take to get closer to achieving it?  What’s holding you back?


  1. says

    “Other times, God might be changing our hearts to make room for another dream. And in these cases, letting go (at least for now) is the best thing we can do. ”

    That is exactly right, Crystal. Sometimes I think He gives us different dreams for different seasons. Kind of like we were talking about in class yesterday – God sees the big picture, we don’t! And I’m so glad. For a while, I wondered if waiting had actually killed some of those dreams, but then I decided to give up that guilt. We can’t live always thinking we “should have done more,” when we’re doing what God gives us to do in the meantime!

    Thanks for this word today, Crystal!

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    And sometimes the storms that come our way on our path to our dreams can make us feel like our dreams are all washed away…but they are not, it’s just that the raindrops blur our vision. Yet in the rain He reigns, giving us some of our most significant blessings and lessons and dreams that do come true…visiting from Mercy Ink. Thanks, Crystal, for sharing your thoughts…

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