Made to Crave Study (Chapters 5-8)

Made to Crave book club

So, first of all, a bit of an apology. Last week…well, I really have no excuse, we were just kind of busy and I didn’t do a lot of blogging. And now, I have recently joined and AMAZING network of bloggers with the iHomeschool Network (Squeee!), and yesterday was the kickoff of the original {Not} Back to School Blog Hop, so you can find my curriculum post, and find lots of other great posts as well.

Now for my thoughts on the current chapters of Made to Crave.  Since there are 4 chapters, I’ll just hit some highlights instead of discussing each chapter.

Chapters 5-6

The big idea here is to remember that we were made for more. God did not create us to live in defeat. Jesus says that clearly in John 10:10. We were made for victory, and through the Holy Spirit, we are equipped for that victory. It’s time for us to start living like it! Lysa’s challenge is this:

I can’t allow myself to partake in anything that negates my true identity. (53)

And in Chapter 6 is the reminder that the ultimate goal is not to lose weight–it’s to grow closer to God through our commitment to him. She reminds us where our power comes from. Galatians 5:16 says “Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh” Walk. in. the. Spirit. 4 simple words, but they mean so much in our Christian walk. It’s the only way we can be effective in our lives and for Christ.

She also mentions a verse in Philippians that has always been so convicting to me: Philippians 3:19…”their god is in their belly” It goes on to say “their mind is on earthly things.”

Dear Lord, I pray your spirit would move in my life and help me to set my mind on things above and NOT on earthly things!

Chapters 7-8

In Chapter 7 she talks about how it’s “not about the numbers.” And I get it, I really do. I didn’t miss the point entirely, but since the number she mentions as being a bad weight for herself and so appalling to her work out partner is very near to my dream weight at this point…it was hard for me to get past that.

She also talks about insecurities. I am steeped in insecurities. Ones that are sometimes debilitating. And I so need to be able to fight those nasty words with the truth of the Holy Spirit. I am so fortunate that I have made a friend who will help me do that sometimes, but I need more people in my life to help me do this, and I need to gain the fight, the spirit, the Holy Spirit in me to help me fight those words on my own with His truth.

In Chapter 8, Lysa talks more in depth about honoring God independent of the numbers on the scale. I’ve said all along that my need to get this under control has nothing to do with the scale. It’s about honoring God. So I love her challenge to judge your progress by obedience and not by the numbers. Although my problem would be that I’m failing on both accounts, but that’s another issue.



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