Small Space Homeschooling Organization

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Frugal Small House Homeschooling

Like I shared with you last year, we don’t have a homeschool room. I’ll be honest. There are times when I wish we did, simply for organization purposes. We’ve grown since last year and our stuff is now even more spread out than it was before. We have stuff in the boys’ room & closet, 2 other closets, and our bedroom. It would be nice to have a central location for all of the homeschooling stuff.

Our schooling, however, would still take place a little bit of everywhere because that’s how we like it :)

I shared before about how we make our schooling work with no homeschooling room, here is a bit more on our small space organization, and our schooling spaces.

Homeschool Organization

So, first of all, the stuff that is spread out all over the house. I showed some of this last year, but we’ve expanded significantly since then.

1. 2 Bookshelves in our bedroom.

Homeschool Organization

The smaller bookshelf is full of children’s books. They are organized by theme/category because that’s what’s easiest for me when finding books to coordinate with our lessons.  Here is a picture so you can kind of see. I used items I had on hand. I cut up pieces of cardstock into just over 3.” I left the 12″ length so that they would come out past the books and to the end of the shelf. I then used really inexpensive labels like these to label the categories. Some of my categories include: Animals (educational); Animals (fun); Nature & Seasons; Winter/Christmas; Fall/Thanksgiving; Cultural; Self & Community; Body & Senses; Berenstein Bears; Chapter Books; Phonics Readers & Alphabet Books; Colors/Numbers; Opposites/Words; Early Readers; For Fun. These are the categories that work for us right now.

Homeschool Organization Books

The taller bookshelf includes teaching resources, workbooks, curriculum items, etc. The top 2 shelves have “mommy” books–writing related books, review books, books I’d like to read for personal growth, etc. There are a few other types of books, but most of our adult books are housed in 2 other tall black bookshelves in the living room–both of which are overflowing. I’m a bit of a book hoarder.

There are a few other things like manipulatives, art supplies, etc. on the bottom shelf, but most of those are elsewhere. There are also some things on a shelf in our closet that I forgot to take a photo of.

PS–these book cases came from Wal-Mart and were very inexpensive. We just bought the 5-shelf one and it was something like $27.88. Very affordable.

2. Plastic Shelving in a Closet

Homeschool Organization

We have a small closet across the hallway from our bedroom (I’m literally standing in my bedroom to take this picture!). There are bins of out-of-season clothing waiting to be pulled out stuck behind that plastic shelving unit. It will be inconvenient to get to them, but it’ll only be 1-2 times a year, so not that big of a deal.

{Please excuse the mess! I didn’t tidy up before snapping the photo here}

This plastic shelving unit is similar to this one, and holds things like activity bags (busy bags), flash cards, art supplies, manipulatives, a few puzzles, etc. These are all organized using plastic bins

3. The Boys’ Bedroom

I didn’t get a photo of this, but the boys have a bookshelf in their room that is full of children’s books as well. Also, they have 2 shelves in their closet that hold most of the games, puzzles, etc.

4. The Hallway/Closet

Small Space Homeschooling

We have posters hanging on the hallway wall and on the inside of a hallway closet door. The inside of the closet door also includes our morning board activities and everything else that goes along with that.  We also keep an old radio/cd player in here for our school music.

So, this is where the stuff is kept and how it is organized. As far as where the actual learning takes place, that’s a different story!  I’m going to get into that more in depth in a later post.


  1. Anonymous says

    Crystal, we must have similar homeschools because this post and your last one on curriculum are both so much like our homeschool :) We have very limited space too, so there are books and supplies ALL over our house.

    I LOVE the way you organized the books! I have mine organized similarly but not with the dividers. Love that! Thanks for sharing.


  2. says

    Our stuff is spaced out around the house too. The dining room does 3 things – it’s the dining room, main homeschool area, and my sewing space.

    I love your book dividers. I am going to have to do that with ours! We’re still organizing our HS stuff since this is our first year :)

  3. says

    I like how you organized things. We have a small house, too – the one of the worst things is lack of closet space – no hall closets here – ugh. But we make do.
    I also like how you organize the kids’ books by theme. I am always trying to improve my system – but these days my 2 year old likes to take ALL the books out. :)

    • Crystal says

      Yes, Amanda, we’ve occasionally had that problem with our boys as well (taking the books off the bookshelf). It can be frustrating because it takes a while to get them back in order! lol. We are blessed that although our house is TINY, we do have a couple of hall closets which are such a blessing!

  4. says

    Love it! I especially love how you organized your books. I am always sifting through our bookshelf trying to find books that go along with what we are learning. I live your system though…may have to steal that idea.

    • Crystal says

      Thanks, Shelby! I was always sifting through as well, but even worse than that…I would end up unable to find a book I knew I had, or forgetting about a perfect book until we’d covered the topic and moved on. It took a long time to sort them all out and organize, but it was worth it.

  5. Jill Stanish says

    Good use of your space! You mentioned sharing a closet with your out of season clothes (we have tight quarters and we have to trade out clothes seasonally as well). You may want to put your manipulatives in something on wheels so you can roll it in and out to get to the clothes but to also move them to any place in the house that you do school. After I pack away summer stuff, I'm usually finding things trickling through the laundry and then I end up having to get into my storage a lot more than just twice a year. Just a thought.

    • Crystal says

      Thanks for the suggestion, Jill! We’re on a very tight budget, so I was just using things we had on hand that would work, and we don’t have anything rolling. I do have a little box for the random things that trickle through so that I will only have to move it for the big switch outs.

  6. Stephanie says

    Looks perfect! :) I imagine my “school room” will look something like this when the house is finally organized. :D

  7. says

    I totally understand. We live in a small home and had a small space set up in the attic room but the kids tended to do it every where! So our stuff was spread out in different regions of the house. Now my son graduated this year. I have only my 13 year old left. I wanted to set up a complete room upstairs for schooling but we are now moving very soon and I don’t know yet what a new place will be like. SO for now I am decluttering our homeschool stuff down ( since son is not a HSer anymore) and keeping only what I need to make the move easier.

    • Crystal says

      I understand that as well :) We moved across the state last year and ended up renting a house HALF the size of our old one! We downsized what felt like a lot before we moved, but we still have too much stuff for our house…lol

  8. Theresa Phillips says

    Really enjoyed your post. Thanks for sharing. I am considering homeschooling and one of my biggest concerns is that we won't have a designated room for everything.

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