Thriving Thursday (& A Family Mission Trip)

So, our family is taking a little trip this weekend, we should be arriving at our destination at about the same time you receive this post (love the “schedule” option!). So, I want to quickly introduce you to my awesome friend Rita and her family.  They have recently moved to a small, rural area to serve as missionaries.

I have known Rita since high school, and we reconnected a few years ago. It has been awesome for me as an observer to watch and see firsthand how much God has changed them and grown them, and worked in their lives to bring them to this point in serving Him in ministry.  They are just such an amazing family. You can see below that they are also quite fun.

The Greene's

They are working on several different things, working with the local Baptist association and some local churches and working to expand existing ministries. They are also restarting a church that has been closed for 2-3 years. So this weekend we’re going down there to visit, and also to have a little family mission trip.

Serving as a family is extremely important to us, but we’ve found some difficulty with this. Most people seem to think children deserve in the nursery/children’s classes, or with a babysitter. But our goal is to make serving God and His people an integral part of their daily life. So, we’re excited that, through our friends, we have this opportunity to serve as a family.

We’ll be helping them with getting the word out and serving at a revival this weekend and then the services will start at the church on Sunday morning. We will also be helping with a clothing giveaway, a community garden, and other various projects. I’m hoping to help set up a website for the ministry they are working with, so if that happens I’ll have more to share with you guys next week, hopefully along with photos.

So, could you please pray for Chris and Rita and their family, along with their ministry? 


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  1. says

    Good evening, Crystal! Of course I will pray for the success of your friends, and also for your safe return! I hope you have a wonderful time! Thank you for hosting!

    • Crystal says

      Thank you for participating, Vickie, and for your prayers! Much appreciated. We are home safe now, and had a lovely time.

  2. says

    How lovely to be able to minister with your family alongside your friends. Our family serves together in our church’s Awana program and I love knowing we’re all serving together. I am a Sparky Director, and one of my kids works in T&T and the other serves in Journey and is also the Music Director. My hubby doesn’t “technically” serve in Awana as he is a pastor, but he comes Wednesday night and visits the kids and his door is always open for anyone to stop in and have a chat.

    When the kids were little we tried finding various ways that we could minister together as well. Thanks for letting us know how we can pray for you and your friends!

  3. Anonymous says

    What a wonderful opportunity to serve God & bless your friends. May God bless both families as you minister to others. Thank you for hosting this link up each week as it has blessed me to be a part of it.

  4. says

    Thank you once again for hostessing Thriving Thursday! And yes, I’ll be happy to add Rita and her family to my prayer list! I hope you have a wonderful time visiting.

  5. says

    Hello, Crystal!
    thank you for hosting your link-up :) I am glad you shared about your friends! It is encouraging to see other families living for the Lord with such joy! I am praying for them and you this weekend! May the ministry bring glory to God in wonderful and unexpected ways!

  6. Pamela Cessna Kuhn says

    I'm a firm believer in including your children in ministry. We raised our daughters with this principle and they both have a heart for ministry. It's been a joy to watch my married daughter include her children in their ministry, too. Thrills me to read of your ministry this weekend.

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