Our Homeschool: The Students & Spaces

Last week, I introduced you to our homeschool space, focusing on the stuff. In that post, I shared that while I would like to have a “homeschool room,” it would only be for organizing purposes. And that’s because we lean toward unschooling, and our schooling takes place everywhere. So, I thought what better way to introduce the students than to show them learning.

Our Homeschool Room: The Students

Although we’re not “unschoolers” in the strictest sense, we do tend to focus on a life-as-learning philosophy. So, we homeschool year-round (you can’t turn off LIFE, after all!), though we tend to be more relaxed in the summer and focus only on fun learning opportunities and/or areas of struggle.  Anyway, here are some of the places you might find our students learning, and the learning opportunities we find there.

The Kitchen

The kitchen and living room is where most of our typical “school” and workbook type lessons take place. However, there are a lot of life-learning opportunities we find there as well.

-Making Lunch
-Working Puzzles
-Breaking beans
-Cutting/Gluing Activities
-Busy Bags
-Various Activities
-Organizing cabinets (he WANTED to do this!)
-Chores (washing dishes, setting table, putting away dishes, etc.)
Recycling (our trash/recycling just happens to be in the kitchen)

Homeschool Space (Kitchen)

The Living Room

-Reading Books snuggled on the couch
-Playing games like snakes & ladders, dominoes, etc. on the floor
-Putting together these (we have a car, plane, train, helicopter)
-Watching educational videos
-Doing random school lessons

Homeschool ROom (Living Room)

The Bedroom

-Learning organization and responsibility
-Playing (yes, that is/can be educational, even if the games aren’t necessarily educational)

homeschool bedroom

Field Trips

-Adventure Science Center in Nashville
-Pizza Hut to celebrate reading through the Book-It program.
-An 1850 home place
-Friday School (every other Friday) through a local homeschool co-op.

homeschool field trips


-making compost
-playing in leaves
-helping daddy gather acorns for work
-Recess (riding bikes, playing, etc.)
-fishing (yes, this can be educational!)
-Sidewalk Chalk
-Learning outside chores (helping daddy mow, learning how to rake up mowed grass and leaves, etc.)
-Playing in the Rain (along with reading books about where rain comes from)
-Making homemade ice cream
-Eating watermelon (we love to teach our children about gardening and where our real foods come from!)
-Playing baseball (Of course, this is after buying kids baseball gloves)

Homeschool Outside

This is only a small portion of the activities we do in each spot (basically the ones that I had pictures for).

What unique life-learning opportunities have you found?


  1. says

    My guys love to jump (as I’m sure you can relate). We do lots of building – pillow piles to jump into (making sure all the “seams” to the floor are covered, forts, walls, towers, blanket, thingama-jiggers – they gradually learn that foundation & structure have a huge effect on their safety and fun.

    • Crystal says

      Yes, Becca! I never really thought of those things as learning opportunities, but you’re so right! So much of our kids’ normal play is educational for them :)

    • Crystal says

      Yep…gotta use what you have :) And my boys are definitely little monkeys! I say that qualifies for P.E. lol

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