Freebie: Understanding the Constitution Book & Study Guide

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Constitution Freebie

As a frugal homeschooler, I’m always looking for great, inexpensive ways to supplement our learning. You too?  I figured as much, which is why I’m excited to share this great freebie with you today.

Don’t tune out if you aren’t a homeschooler, though. This book is great for everyone, especially considering the somewhat concerning directions our country seems to be taking lately. It’s more important than ever to be educated about the laws and our rights as citizens. And if you are a homeschooler, this book and study guide would make a great teaching tool, especially if you have older students.

So, Great Homeschool Conventions has partnered with the National Center for Life and Liberty to bring us this great freebie, Understanding the Constitution:  Ten Things Every Citizen Should Know About the Supreme Law of the Land. Here is a little bit about the book:

“The United States Constitution is the blueprint by which our nation’s government is intended to operate.  Yet most Christians, indeed, most citizens, have no idea what the Constitution actually says.  This book provides the basis for Understanding the Constitution and the Bible’s role in its development.  The book comes with a Study Guide useful for all ages from teens through adults.  It  is recommended for use by homeschoolers, Christian schools and colleges, and youth and adult Sunday School classes.” (info taken from GHC website)

This is a limited time freebie. You do have to subscribe to their email list to receive the freebie, but you can unsub at any time.  The freebie is only available through midnight, EST on 8/28/2013, after which I believe this book and study guide will be available for purchase through the NCLL website. Get it now while it’s free!

Disclosure: Great Homeschool Conventions is a sponsor of this blog, and I have received financial sponsorship for advertising and sharing about their great offers.

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