Daily Cleaning Checklist (& Free Printable)

Free Printable Cleaning Checklist from Serving Joyfully

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Cleaning Routines

So, I mentioned last week that I thrive on a routine. Although I am certainly not a schedule-every-minute type of gal, I need a basic foundation for my day, a checklist of things that need to be accomplished to keep me on task, and sometimes even a loose schedule to prove to myself that everything will fit–and usually with room to spare. Otherwise I tend to stress about such things.

Between my depression, and the busyness of later nights and traveling, every semblance of structure has seemed to fly out the window this summer. So, with the back-to-{home}school season upon us, it’s as good a time as any to try and get back on track. And, because I love lists, I decided to create a printable schedule to share with you all as well :)

My goal moving forward is to work more on maintenance. For those of you, like me, who aren’t natural born housekeepers, that would mean spending a few minutes each day/week/month on a chore rather than letting it build up to crisis point and spending 2-3 hours trying to catch up.

Not that I’ve ever done that or anything.


Anyway. My list of daily chores, and because I like pretty things I decided to create a printable to go along with it. I’m still working on the printable lists for weekly, monthly, and “spring cleaning” cleaning tasks.

PS–if you’re like me and your house DOES sometimes reach a crisis point, I strongly recommend the blog A Slob Comes Clean, just so you know you’re not alone! And Dana’s eBook, “28 Days to Clean.” . I found it very inspiring, although I didn’t complete the entire challenge.  It’s about creating better overall habits.

My Must-Do’s

Because I suffer from depression, there are days when we are in survival mode. And I’m trying to learn the balance between pushing myself and letting go of the to-do list. This basic, survival-mode, bare bones to-do list will be different for everyone. For me it includes making the bed and feeding the children. Yes, unfortunately, some days really are that bare-bones. Although most days also include at least our (3) Ten-minute Tidy sessions.

However, for the more ideal days, here is my cleaning list.

I created it so that you can laminate it or put it in a frame and use it daily with a dry erase marker if you want :) And, it includes a blank version so that you can write in your own preferred cleaning tasks instead if you’d like.

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Get your free printable

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Daily Cleaning Checklist from Serving Joyfully

Enjoy :)


  1. Anonymous says

    Thank you for your honesty about depression.Even as a nurse I fell into the believe that my depression wasn’t a real illness and went off my medication,within a few days I saw that I do have a real illness.Thanks be to God I’am able to be treated with one simple medication with good results.Thanks again and I well keep you in my prayers.Judy Stinson

    • Crystal says

      Judy, if I could just help educate one person, or help another sufferer not feel so alone, then at least I could say the suffering wasn’t for nothing. I’m so glad that you are able to successfully treat depression with medication. Thank you for sharing a part of your story.

  2. Anonymous says

    I prayed and asked God if it was His will for me to be off the meds, then have my doctor tell me he wants me off them and not long after I was weaned off and no longer have need of the meds. I’ve been set free from severe depression and off meds for 7 years. Praise God!

  3. says

    I appreciate this article, Crystal. I’m sure this could help out a lot of especially your cleaning routine guide and printables. Will be rooting for you in your journey against mental illness! God bless!

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