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Disclosure: “Growing up online” supplied the information and giveaway materials for this post. I was not otherwise compensated. I am sharing because I believe it is a resource my readers will find valuable.

Internet Safety and Lorax Giveaway on Serving Joyfully

Our boys are young, only 4 and 6. But already they are behind their peers when it comes to electronics. They each have a handheld leapfrog learning game that they are allowed to play occasionally, mostly on long car trips. They don’t have i-anythings. And while I used to think that would be a completely normal thing, I have recently found that they are behind the times.

But I’m okay with that.

I’m completely okay with encouraging them to PLAY and get outside instead of sitting glued to a screen of some sort.

However, technology is the world we live in and it would be very difficult to function in our modern society without it. (not that I’m not still trying my best to get there!). At any rate, at some point we’re probably going to have to address responsible use of technology with our boys.

Because I know that many of my readers are at that point right now, I am excited to be able to share this resource with you, The Growing up Online Blog App and free eBook. Here is some information about the resource:

The More You Know Learning Series, in collaboration with NBC News, addresses this new and dangerous trend, in addition to other online issues, with the launch of Growing Up Online, the FREE eBook for parents to keep their kids safe on the Internet! You and your family can now be prepared, clued-up and openly communicative about online issues big or small!

Our kids have never known a world without the Internet. They’re spending more and more time on the web, so teaching them about using technology responsibly and safely is critical.

This free eBook provides easy-to-use information that addresses the growing concern about kids’ online privacy and cyber-bullying in a unique and engaging way. Growing Up Online is packed with important tips that every parent should know!

You can use the app below to:

• DOWNLOAD the FREE eBook – Our kids have never known a world without the Internet. But that doesn’t mean they know how to behave online. Download the free eBook and start a conversation with your kids.
• Is Your Child Internet-Ready? QUIZ – Have you talked with your kids about online safety? Take the quiz to find out if your child is Internet-ready!
• Comic Book Videos – Watch all four comic book stories as a family to discuss real situations that may occur when your kids go online.

And, you can Win the Lorax Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack!

All you have to do to win is check out the free eBook.

What do you do to encourage responsible internet use?


  1. says

    This looks like a great resource! My oldest isn’t quite 3 yet, so we are not nearly to the “internet” age yet…but I’m sure it will be here before I know it!

    However, the Lorax is my little boy’s absolute favorite movie!!! ;)

  2. Stephanie says

    Good read… lots of great tips. We have parental controls AND a filter on our PC which is used by the entire family. It’s a free filter called K9 Web protection and has worked wonderfully for our family. You can even set it to only allow internet access at specific times! And, thanks for the chance at winning the Lorax! We all love that movie and it’s wonderful message :)

  3. says

    I have teens and I have sat down with both and explained the consequences of exposing too much information or pics on the internet. It is a scary cyber world with lots of people who want to exploit and physically harm the youth. I check cookies and history and monitor their phones as much as possible.

  4. says

    I check the cookies because people sometimes forget to erase them. My kids are teens so I try to treat them like adults but let them know the consequences of revealing too much information on line.

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