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Okay, so you guys know that I love to cook. And, to be honest, I almost NEVER purchase or use frozen dinners of any kind. However, there are times when we do use frozen dinners and I know that a lot of my readers are in different situations, so I thought I would share some tips for getting the most out of them.

1. Look for a Sale. Okay, this probably goes without saying, but always be sure to wait until frozen meals are on sale before you purchase. Many frequently go on sale for around $1, which I think is a pretty good deal for a quick meal.

2. Be sparing. Frozen meals are a last minute resort for us. It usually means that mom didn’t prepare, and the only other option is eating out. Since eating out is expensive, unhealthy, and generally encourages overeating, we prefer to have quick, convenient meals available for those emergencies. Although, again, we try to have more homemade emergency foods on hand, these are nice to have in the freezer just in case.

3. Think Healthy. Many convenience foods just aren’t very healthy. They have a lot of those non-pronounceable ingredients, too much fat, and too much sodium.  Look at the ingredients lists, and try to choose healthier options.

4. Spruce it up! And this is a must. Add your own flair to meals to make them special. Adding fresh ingredients can work wonders toward improving the taste of a frozen meal and making it taste less, well, frozen.

Some ways to spruce up convenience meals:

-add your own meat. I do not like meat from frozen meals at all. In general, I keep fully-cooked ground beef, and grilled chicken, and grilled steak strips in my freezer at all time. It’s a cinch to thaw that out in the microwave and add to a meal.

-Add your own fresh veggies.

-Add rice, pasta, mashed potatoes, or bread to go along with your frozen meal.

For more great ways to spruce up a frozen meal, check out Make It Your Michelina’s.

Here are some of my favorite creations, using Michelina’s frozen meals:

1. Penne Pasta from Honeybear lane.


2. Chipotle Chicken & Rice Roll-ups from Baby Gizmo


3. Franks & Cheese from the Michelina’s site.


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