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The ONE thing EVERY homeschool needs from Serving Joyfully

In thinking about my homeschooling must-haves, I tried, at first, to think of physical products. And, honestly, it would have been a great chance to throw in some affiliate links ;) . But the thing is, we’re pretty simple. And when it comes to budget and frugal-living, I’m a firm believer in empowerment.

You see, when I first started thinking about homeschooling, I was completely overwhelmed and discouraged by all of the curriculums and materials that others said were “must-have” items. Other families were easily spending $700-$1000 per year on homeschooling, and I was intimidated by all of these things that I knew we couldn’t afford. Not that my children and their education aren’t worth it, they are. But we are committed to living within our means.  

So all of those expensive curriculum choices, manipulatives, etc. weren’t really an option for us.

And you know what I found? They aren’t really must haves after all. You can work around those things. Manipulatives can be anything from cheerios, to legos, cheap foam shapes, or even rocks from our driveway. The library is a great help, along with other ways of finding frugal books.

There are a million-and-one ways to make do when it comes to homeschooling (and lots of great blogs and sites and resources to help you do it!).

So my conclusion is this. There really is only ONE must-have when it comes to homeschooling.  You must have a desire and commitment to educating your children at home. I guess that’s kind of 2 things, but they are very closely related.

Because once you have that desire and commitment, you can work your way around everything else.

One of the most important things for us in remembering this is our homeschool mission statement. I think this is, hands down, the most important thing any homeschool family needs.  It’s more important than the particulars of books, curriculum, teaching aids, activities, etc. Because at the end of a hard, stressful day, what keeps you going the next day is your mission, your vision.  Your answer to the question…why?

Here is a part of our family’s mission and vision for our homeschool:

As we seek to honor God in our lives, so we will seek to honor Him in our homeschool, equipping our children with a Christ-centered education that enriches their character, hearts, and minds. Our goal is for our children to grow in knowledge of Christ first and foremost. Through this, a knowledge of the world God created will flow through our days naturally, leading them to a better understanding of the world around them and their place within it as the hands and feet of Christ.

I have found that I can work around the other stuff, as long as I have the commitment to do so. And having a reminder of what we’re trying to accomplish and why has been huge in overcoming those bad days and disappointments that every homeschool mom has. 

It’s a reminder that it’s all worth it, because it’s not about learning math problems. It’s about wholly educating our children, nurturing their hearts along with their minds, and {hopefully} preparing them for their place in God’s kingdom.


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    I really enjoyed this post. I am SO there with you on not wanting to “break the bank” in order to provide a quality education for my children at home. And, it is so important, at the end of the day, to be committed to raising children for Christ by the way we homeschool. Great post.

    Take care,

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