Book Review: God’s Love for You (With Giveaway)

I am so very excited today to share with you one of my favorite new kids’ books.

Book Review & Giveaway: God's Love for You (at Serving Joyfully)


I received a copy of this book for review, and Tommy Nelson is generously providing a copy to one of my readers for this giveaway. I received no other compensation and was not required to post a positive review. All opinions are my own.


God’s Love for You by Rich & Renee Stearns, published by Tommy Nelson.

I am on the Tommy Mommy bloggers team, and when I first saw this book, I thought to myself “we already have a ton of Bible Story books, and I just gave away a few.”  However, something told me to get it, and I am SO glad I did.

This book is not just another Bible Storybook!

I want to share with you some of the things I love about this book.

1. Great Bible Stories

That’s a given in a Bible storybook, but the review wouldn’t be complete without mentioning it.  I love the stories included in this book. There are the main/basic stories, but also some that go a little bit deeper.  The stories are a perfect length for us to add to our bedtime story routine. They aren’t too long, but still long enough to have some substance.

There is a table of contents at the beginning so that you can look up stories you’d like to find, and each one has a Biblical scripture reference in case you want to look up and read the story from the source as well.

The pages in this book are good quality, thick, glossy pages–perfect for a children’s book, and the hard back makes it sturdier as well.

2. Beautiful art work

Words can’t do these illustrations justice, so I want to share a few with you.

Serving Joyfully Review and Giveaway of God's Love for You

Serving Joyfully Review and Giveaway of God's Love for You

Serving Joyfully Review and Giveaway of God's Love for You

The colors and illustrations are just beautiful, and I love that there are quotes, and main ideas pulled out for emphasis.

3. Cultural Awareness

Serving Joyfully Review and Giveaway of God's Love for You

This might be one of my favorite things about the book. It is our desire to raise mission-minded children. We want them to know that we are so blessed with what we have, and to know that there are those in other parts of the world who aren’t so blessed. We want them to learn to respect the dignity of other people groups, while still having a desire to help those who are in such dire need of help.

In addition to this, we want them to be able to recognize the failings of our own society and culture, and to see the ways that we could learn from those who are less fortunate.

And the stories in this book do all of that so well with the stories from Rich and Renee Stearns. Sprinkled in the midst of the Bible stories, are real-life stories of children and adults living in some of the countries with which World Vision works.

There are stories of lives that have been changed, and stories of sacrifice that are humbling to me in a place where there is just so much excess, and yet so much greed and selfishness. These stories are beautiful for our children to read and learn about–and pray for–these real people.

4. A Good Cause

This inscription is found on the back cover “At the author’s request, all royalties due to the authors will benefit World Vision’s work with children in need.”

I love this!  I love knowing that the purchase of this book will directly benefit World Vision!

Serving Joyfully Review and Giveaway of God's Love for You

You can purchase God’s Love for You here. I’m already thinking that this would make a perfect Christmas gift for some of the children on my list!

If you’d like to WIN a copy of this book, head over to my facebook page (PS–I’d love for you to like my page while you’re there!), where I am hosting a giveaway, which Tommy Nelson has generously sponsored for us :)

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