Curriculum Review: Wonders from Prufrock Press

I received a copy of the Wonders Curriculum for review purposes. I was not compensated for my review, nor was I required to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.

Wonders Prufrock Press


Today, I’m excited to share with you some Kindergarten Curriculum that we have been using from Prufrock Press, called Wonders. Prufrock Press is “the nation’s leading publisher supporting the education of gifted and advanced learners.” They also publish materials to support special needs students.

Each book contains 15 lessons with complete instructions and plans provided for the teacher. They also include differentiation ideas, vocabulary lists, material lists, and ideas for incorporating multiple subjects into the activities. These books are written for classroom use, but are easily adaptable to homeschool use.

Supports our focus on Creation

Please note: This is a secular curriculum that does NOT align with a Young Earth/Creationism worldview. We have been able to easily work around that aspect, but I know some may not want to do that.

In fact, the big draw for me with this curriculum was the exploration of the wonders of God’s creation. Our theme for our entire Kindergarten year is exploring God’s creation. It has been so fun for us to learn all the other subjects in light of that one story, and this curriculum fit perfectly with that. Even though it’s a secular curriculum, it is impossible to remove God’s glory from His creation. It just is.

So while we are doing the activities, we are studying them in terms of the days of creation, and this curriculum was perfect for it.

Hands-on and Activity Based

This entire curriculum is based on activities. It is very hands on and interactive, which I love because it’s how my children learn best, especially my ASD child. He needs to see things to understand them. There are printable activity sheets, worksheets, etc. to coordinate with the activities and these are in the back of the book.


Although this curriculum is written for Kindergarten level, the nature of the activities make them appropriate for many ages. The lessons are dependent on a lot of open-ended questions and discovery which would lend itself well to groupwork, and they could easily be adapted to challenge multiple ages.


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