31 Days Intentional Marriage Reflections

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31 Days of Loving My Husband Intentionally by Serving Joyfully

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that follow-through is not my strong point. I’m one of those people who starts strong and finishes…well, sometimes not at all.  Which is why, I was somewhat hesitant about starting a 31 day series. This series was pretty much a last minute decision, inspired in part by my friend Jillian from Olive Plants and Cornerstones. She posted about her own series and something clicked in me.

I believe that “something” was the nudging of the Holy Spirit. Because I have been changed by this challenge.

If you didn’t join in, or if you missed some challenges, it’s not too late. You can go back and start or finish them up now.  Each day you will find a verse, short devotion, and challenge. The entire process has been such an amazing blessing to me, my husband, and our marriage.

Importance of Prayer

Throughout this challenge, I really learned the importance of attitude–and got a bit of a gentle attitude adjustment from the Holy Spirit working in my heart. One of the best ways we can experience a necessary heart change is through prayer. (<–Tweet This)

So, I am happy to introduce you all today to an amazing book from my friend Darby Dugger.  It is called For the Love of Our Husbands. Isn’t the cover gorgeous?  Yes, I am one of those people who judges books by their covers! lol.

For the Love of Our Husbands Darby Dugger


However, this book is far more than just a great cover. What’s really important is what’s on the inside of it. 52 great devotions for wives who want to love their husbands better.

My intentional marriage challenge is a month long, but my prayer is that it will be a permanent heart change. Darby’s book helps this along. Instead of a short 31 devotionals, she has included 52 devotions, meant to be done weekly.

The greatest thing about her devotions and challenges is that they are centered on prayer. Each day includes a short devotion and challenge, but also a prayer for you to pray for yourself and your faith, and a separate prayer for your husband.

The challenges aren’t all specific to marriage or your husband. Instead, they remind us that the basis of any strong marriage is a foundation of Christ. They remind us that our relationship with our husband parallels that of Christ and His bride (the church), so many of the challenges focus on us as women, as Christians, and of course, as wives.

I have really enjoyed this book and challenges. Also, I would like to highly recommend Darby’s blog as one you should be following! Her posts are always inspiring, encouraging, and convicting–a perfect combination.

And, be sure to check out the book!


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    I really enjoyed having a new challenge every day, and they are working. At one point, something minor happened where usually my husband would be snappish, but he responded calmly, and I think it’s because I’ve been trying so hard to be supportive and encouraging. So, thank you for these posts!

  2. says

    Well (hangs head in shame) my follow-through is not always spot-on either. :( However, I have been working on this challenge as I spied them on my newsfeed (as opposed to remembering to visit your page every day) and apparently I’ve been doing something right. My husband is married to his job sometimes and he gets stressed out big time in the busy seasons which now happens to be one of them. Usually when he’s stressed out he’s withdrawn and grumpy so we kind of live separate lives together, ya know what I mean? Anyway, yesterday, I sent him a quick email about something not expecting a response at all. Not only did he respond, he enthusiastically LOVED my idea and encouraged me to write about it. That just made my heart sing and I know it’s because I’ve been working on being intentional for him. Thank you Crystal :)

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Trixie, thank you so much for sharing that! This made me smile. It really is so amazing how that works…that when we are selfless in serving and encouraging our spouse, so often it has the power to change the entire tone of things. I know that has happened in my own marriage.

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    Thank you so much, Crystal, for the review of the book and blog recommendation. I appreciate what you shared and I am thankful you considered the book to be a blessing. Thanks, again, for the 31 day challenge. I am not finished yet (started late) but it has certainly helped to focus so much on being intentional.

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