Fall Thumbprint Tree Craft

Fall Thumbprint Tree at Serving Joyfully

We love fall, and this is one of our favorite fall crafts.  Basically, it’s super quick and easy, and your kids get to paint (which means, you get to be “fun mom” for the day!)

Here’s my youngest, waiting to get started (he didn’t actually need the paint brush).  Can you tell he’s excited??

Fall THumbprint Logan


  • Washable Paint (we used this kind)
  • White Cardstock (you can use construction paper also, but I wouldn’t recommend using regular typing paper)

1. Prepare the “tree.” I just quickly free-handed some trees for us to use, but you could also trace their hand/wrist for the tree trunk and branches.

2. Dip out a small amount of each color of paint onto a small surface. We have some small plates that we use (and reuse) for this purpose.

Thumbprint Tree Caeden

3. Have children dip their thumbs into one color at a time to make the leaves. We used an old towel for cleaning our thumbs  between colors.

Fall Thumbprint Tree Progress

4. Continue until they have all the leaves they want :)

Here are their finished products. I love how different they were!

Caeden’s tree (the papers in the background are from a game we were playing while our trees were drying):

Fall thumbprint Tree Finished C

Logan’s Tree:

Fall thumbprint Tree Finished L

The one you see at the very top is the one that I made. They were so excited that I did it with them :)

While we were doing this activity, we talked about Fall and some of the colors we see. We talked about how/why the leaves change, so it was a nice little school lesson as well. (See a few of my book recommendations for that, and also my free fall mini-book that you can print.)

This was a very easy project, and the thumbprint painting has so many possibilities!

What is your favorite fall craft activity?


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