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Itsy Bitsy Christmas

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A couple of months ago, I was blessed to be invited to join the “Tommy Mommy” bloggers for Tommy Nelson. I love their selection of faith-focused children’s books.

One of my books this month was Itsy Bitsy Christmas by Max Lucado. There is so much commercialization surrounding Christmas that it’s sometimes hard to find quality products for children that aren’t Santa-filled. So, I’m always grateful to find faith-based books that will remind our children of the real meaning of Christmas. And this book does a superb job of doing just that, while still being engaging for children.

I’m also a huge Max Lucado fan, especially when it comes to children’s books (You are Special is one of my very favorites!). Anyway, Itsy Bitsy Christmas is no exception. The story is sweet and inspiring from beginning to end. It follows two little mice who learn the exciting news that a king is coming. They look and look for the king (several pages are devoted to looking here and there–great opportunities for engaging little ones in a guessing game of where they might find the king). During their search, they are repeatedly mocked by the other animals. Will they find the king in the least likely place, just when they’ve nearly given up hope?

My favorite part of this book is the simple, beautiful presentation of the gospel–that Jesus came “to love us, help us, and save us.”

I’m a softhearted person. I don’t even try to read Chicken Soup books because I cry at every single story. I’ve even been known to tear up at a commercial or two (or maybe more). So, there’s my disclaimer. But, when I got to this page in the book, I couldn’t help but tear up. Such a sweet reminder that Jesus came to save ALL of us. No matter how undeserving we are. No matter how bad, how grumpy, how sinful. He came for you. He came for me. Such a profound and overwhelming truth.



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  1. says

    Keeping Christ first is so important to us, yet it can be difficult with all the hustle and bustle going on around us. Even well meaning Christmas programs can take away from family time and make it difficult to focus on what is really important. We try to "unclutter" our lives and to do lists around Christmas, and be careful about not getting involved in too many things or projects. Our kids are limited to three presents from us, and we have a minimal spending budget. The focus shouldn't be on giving or receiving gifts as much as focusing on Christ. Not just His birth, but what He did for us at Calvary. We try to give generously to a charity at this time of year, usually a family from World Vision. We can choose to buy a much needed item in memory of a loved one, and then give cards to that loved one to allow them to pray for the anonymous familu who is receivingnthe gift. The kids LOVED buying a goat or chickens for a family in need. We try to use our Advent devotion (its differentnevery year, as the kids grow in understanding….we just make our own out of Scripture usually). We also don't go wild with decorations, and the ones we do have center on Jesus. Mostly, it's aboit keeping it simple, focusing on scripture, And spending time marveling at His love for us that is shown in the Gift that He gave. It's not just a story about a baby.

  2. Kris Konick says

    I am starting from day 1 in keeping Christ first. Just last year did Advent really sink in for me and I started to turn from dreading Christmas to looking SO forward to it, starting with Advent! Putting Christ first instead of the commercialism the world teaches us has been an awesome perspective shift that I highly recommend! So back to day 1, I am studying with an Advent devotional "Good News of Great Joy" from John Piper and with my kids we are studying from "Advent 2013" obtained from Verge Network. With the kids book, it begins in Genesis and shows you how Jesus was spoken of from the very beginning (makes sense right since it was never God's "backup plan" but always his first intention knowing we would fall even before he created us) all the way through the good news and the manger. AWESOME!!!!

  3. Angie Hale Miller says

    We are doing an advent calendar his year. A part of the story of Jesus' birth is read each day. I'm loving it! And so is my 4 year old.

  4. tammy cordery says

    this year we are going to use the jesse tree I think that will help them learn about Jesus and his birth.

  5. Shari Toth says

    We focus Christmas on Jesus birth and make a birthday cake for Jesus. My husband and I chose to not celebrate “Santa” with our kids to keep the focus more on Jesus.

  6. Ally says

    We sing Carols about Jesus. We talk about where the tradition of Santa really came from. We don’t lie or pretend. We bring everything back to Jesus. We celebrate, bake, sing, decorate, find ways to give gifts to Jesus for his birthday, and we REJOICE!

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