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I shared last week that I am joining many other bloggers in a project that we are calling Life: Simplified.  And, I have some great news!  That project can now include…YOU!

The project is very broad and can be easily personalized to your specific situation.  If you’d like to participate, there are 2 ways to do so. Firstly, the other bloggers and I will have a link up on Mondays, where you can link up and share your own Life Simplified journey.

The other way to participate (and the easiest way to follow along) is to follow and join the Life Simplified pinterest board. If you are a blogger, you can be added to the board. You must follow the board first and then leave a comment letting me know you’d like to be added, along with your pinterest link/username.

Okay, now that we got those logistics out of the way, here is my plan.  My hope is to break this down into more specific goals and share those on Mondays, along with a report from the week before.

I mentioned in my last post, my main goal is to simplify my priorities. In some ways it will mean adding more of things (more time in prayer and in the Word for example), and in some ways it will mean less (less processed foods, less time on facebook and blog promotion, etc.).  But in everything there is a common goal of simplifying my priorities and closing the gap between what I believe and what my actions speak.

So, here are the areas that I am starting with:


One of the saddest discrepancies in my stated priorities and time spent is my lack of spending good quality time with the Lord. My friend Nancy from There is Grace is hosting a challenge throughout the month of January to read the Bible for 30 minutes per day. Even that is not enough for my savior when I spend more time than that on facebook, watching TV, reading other books, etc.


I believe that our diet is very important. I have read story after story of dramatic, almost miraculous results that have come simply from eating healthier foods. To this end, my husband and I have made the decision to cut out processed foods. We aren’t going to purchase any processed foods, but we also aren’t going to throw away what’s already in our cabinets. So, we will be easing into it over the next few months.  Along with this comes a renewed commitment to not eat out, since we’ve kind of fallen off the wagon with that lately.

Simple Living

Along with eating a simpler diet is our commitment to a simpler lifestyle. This includes so much for me. One of the things I am starting with is the Your Custom Homestead book by Jill from The Prairie Homestead.


I am committed to spending less time on facebook, social media, and this blog and MORE time with the Lord and my family. Those things are immeasurably more important.


I will still be keeping this blog because I feel it is a ministry that the Lord has called me to along with being home with my family. In addition to this, I plan to dedicate more time to my fiction writing. With my husband’s full support, I have made it a goal to attend my very first fiction writing conference this year (ACFW in St. Louis).


My husband and I are renewing our commitment to be more intentional with our spending habits, and to be sure that we aren’t supporting slave labor with our dollars.

So, that is a basic overview of some of my goals. Next week I will start with the “breakdown” of those goals to include some more of the baby steps.

The biggest thing that I need to do is avoid time sucks (for me it’s facebook!). For you it might be something else.   I love the quote at the beginning of this post, because it’s so true. We have enough time. We just need the will and discipline to spend it intentionally and wisely.

What are you doing? If you are joining in the Life Simplified Project, feel free to link up your related posts and it will show up on ALL of our blogs!




  1. says

    Great goals! We have also fallen off the eating out band wagon this holiday season. Or more accurately we’ve climbed on it and ridden it to McDonald’s, On the Border, chinese take out, Chili’s — basically anywhere our taste buds want to go! With 4 kids in tow we easily spend 3/4 of a week’s grocery money on one meal in a restaurant. I’m trying really hard this month to get us back to only eating out once a month. Easier said than done!

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I understand! Sadly, for me it’s not just the convenience, but the “addiction” to those bad-for-you foods. And, I was watching a documentary the other day talking about how they literally research to find what foods and combinations will be most addictive to make people come back and buy more. Craziness. And yes, it’s easier said than done.

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