Life Simplified: Blogging

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My blog has experienced tremendous growth over the last year and I am so grateful for that!  I have a lot of great ideas and plans this year (starting with the release of my first ever real product–my Intentional Marriage book, coming January 27th!).

However, as I mentioned earlier this year, my spirit is screaming for simplicity and focus. Blogging takes up a lot of time, but so does any other part-time job. The beauty of this particular one is that it allows me to earn some money on the side doing something that I love, and to be home full time with my children. It really is an ideal combination.

Except for one little thing and Jacinda puts it perfectly in her book, Grow Your Blog While Managing Your Home.

Combine modern technology with a lack of self-discipline and vision for your family, and it becomes easy to stay at home without keeping the home. We can be bodily present while our hearts and minds are far away due to the misuse of the Internet.

If I’m being honest with myself, the “extras” involved with blogging have the potential to lead me to “stay at home without keeping the home.” I enjoy blogging, and our family has benefited from the extra income it has brought. However, it is very important for me to keep blogging in it’s place, and keep the social media extras in their place.

There are bloggers who make blogging a full time job and then some, spending 8-10 hours a day on blogging.  This is not what I want for my family.

This is why I am working to focus my blogging efforts and be more intentional. I have found that it isn’t so much blogging that gets me in trouble with wasted time, it’s the networking, promotion, and other tasks that lead me to one particular site–facebook.

In my home, multi-tasking is sometimes necessary. But I have found that online, it just doesn’t work for me. I don’t multi-task online, I get off-track. I chase rabbit trails and when I do, I often find that I have successfully completed none of the tasks I needed to complete.

So, I am working to be more focused and intentional with my blogging time, and to limit my time browsing facebook, which is my personal weakness when it comes to wasting time online. It doesn’t energize me, and it doesn’t get anything done. It is just a time suck for me.

As I said before, I have been blogging for a while now and my blog has experienced some amazing growth :)  Many of the things that I did coincide fully with the things that Jacinda recommends in her book. So, if you are looking to grow your blog, this is a great resource! And, if you are, head over to my facebook page, because I am giving away a copy of the book!

My goal this week is to be intentional with my time on facebook. It is so easy for me to get caught up with scrolling through and browsing while I wait for responses to my posts or things I have posted on. 15 minutes turns into an hour, and sometimes even more. But, I have found that if I check in regularly for a set amount of time, I don’t miss anything. I just don’t waste so much time. So, that is my specific goal and focus this week–to check in on facebook for 5-10 minutes at a time, 3-4 times per day.

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So, that is my biggest time suck. What is yours? What can you do about it?


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