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This reader offers some great tips for saving money on kids clothing!  Be sure to leave your own great tips in the comments :)

Jackets, and Pants, and Shoes – Oh My!

Kids need clothes – it’s one of those things we can’t get around.  Every year, we have to invest in a new set of clothing until their sizes normalize, which isn’t until adulthood.  They get taller, wider, less proportionate, and more proportionate. Their interests change, fads change.  They change.  Perhaps that is the one thing you can count on: kids will change.  How do you keep your kids in clothes that fit and are without tatters and tears without breaking the bank? Here are some ideas that might help the savvy bargain hunter:

Everybody Loves a Sale

If you’re like me, you love a good sale. If so, you are in luck! Sales seem to happen all the time now. There’s a sale when the season’s change, a sale for back to school, a sale because it’s, Thanksgiving, a sale because it’s Tuesday. Take advantage of these opportunities. Did you see that $2 shirt on the clearance rack? Sure, it’s too big for your little guy right now, but it will fit him perfectly next season. Shop a size or two ahead.  Often you can get incredible deals on brand new items that they will fit into next year.  $1, $2, $3 – these prices are real.


Outlet malls aren’t what they used to be, that’s for sure. Where there used to be only a handful of them in an area, now outlet malls seem to be cropping up all over the place.  Many of the stores don’t sell the overflow and irregular items that was the bread and butter of the outlet malls of old, they do sell clothes from seasons past at a discount.  Does it really matter if your three-year-old’s sweater is from last season?

Coupon Codes

Clipping coupons is becoming a thing of the past, but not because people aren’t interested in getting deals. They are just doing it online. Coupons that can be printed and taken with your to a store, coupon codes that can be input for a discount on an online purchase, and scans that can be processed from your cell phone make shopping with coupons a cinch.  Check out sites like coupon code day to see what’s out there before you go shopping and save a little money.

New To You – Consignment Stores

Let’s face it – we spend money on clothes for our kids and they wear some of them only a handful of times. These items are in pristine condition yet they are now too small.  What do you do?  Enterprising parents will send these to a consignment shop in the hopes of making a little of the money they spent back. This can be a bonus for you. These stores vet the items they consign – their reputation is on the line of they offer items that are in disrepair – so you can shop with relative confidence. You can find deals on items that rival clearance rack deals.

Yard Sales

You can find some hidden gems at yard sales. A quick sort through might get you some play clothes and diaper bag “extras”. If you get lucky, you might find some things at yard sales that still have store tags on them.

Hand Me Downs

There’s nothing like getting a lightly used coat from a family friend or passing down a still functional item from sibling to sibling. Don’t shy away from hand me downs.  Every little bit helps.

These tips will get you through many a growth spurt, hole in the knees, accident in on the playground moment. Happy shopping!

How do you save money on kids clothing?


  1. Anonymous says I always get a bargin box or two for my kids the season before. It’s hard to estimate the size sometimes but it so worth it. $5 for 4 items!!

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