Book Review: A Promise Kept

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A Promise Kept by Robin Lee Hatcher.

If you’ve read many of my reviews, you know that I have a strong preference for historical Christian fiction, and rarely read contemporary. However, you’ll also know that I am a big fan of Robin Lee Hatcher. So, when I saw that this book available for review, I jumped at it.

I wasn’t disappointed!

About the Book

Allison just knew that God would save her marriage. So when she issued her husband an ultimatum and he left, she didn’t know what to do. She moved to the cabin she inherited from her great aunt Emma, and tries to see through her grief to get on with life. In the process, she finds she has a lot in common with her great aunt.

My Thoughts

I loved this story. It’s one of those stories that my words cannot do justice and you just have to read for yourself. I laughed and I cried through both Allison and Emma’s stories.

I enjoyed the back and forth telling of Allison’s modern story to her aunt Elizabeth’s story from years past. Hatcher is such a great storyteller that she was able to tell both stories without losing anything from either of them.

Allison’s story goes through so many facets, but it reminds us that God keeps His promises. It may not always look the way we think it will or should. But He always keeps His promises.

Allison maintains faith throughout the book, and I love that Hatcher told such a poignant and relevant story without compromising her views or the sanctity of marriage.

But, again, my words can’t do it justice. I strongly recommend this book.

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