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Intentional Marriage Resource Pack

I created this set of printables to coordinate with my Intentional Marriage Book. However, you do not need to purchase the book in order to use the printables. 

This set of printables has several different parts.

1. Date Night Cards. You can also get them here. But, for those who don’t already have them, I put them in this download as well to make it easier–one download for everything.

2. Conversation-Starters.  In my book, I share more than 100 great conversation-starter questions. I took a few of my favorites and made them into printable cards.

3. 101 Ways To Brighten Your Husband’s Day. This list is straight from my book. But I jazzed it up and made it into a printable.

4. Message Cards. This is a set of 4 message cards for you to leave for your hubby. “5 things I love about you,” “Thank you for…” “My prayer for you…” and “An encouraging verse for you…” You can print out the cards, fill in the blanks, and leave them for your hubby to find :)

How to get your printables

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