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Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I am one of the contributors for the iBlog Pro book and will receive a portion of the sales made through my link. Thank you for your support.

iBlog Pro Book | Take your Blog to the Next Level

I generally don’t blog about blogging. There are many others who do this well, and it’s just not something I feel led to write about often. However, every once in a while something comes up that I just have to share. This is one of those things. I am passionate about helping others achieve their blogging goals because I know how much of a blessing it has been to me.

I am very excited to have been a contributor to iBlog Pro: Taking Your Blog to the Next Level.

I’m a Blogger. What now?

As a blogger, I have found is that there is a lot of information out there for getting started. There are blogs, free books, books for sale, there is a nearly endless supply of information about how to get started with a blog. The first iBlog book is one such book. That book is a wealth of information about getting started with your blog and growing your traffic.

But what if you are blogging, you’re starting to get more traffic, you’ve dipped your toes into affiliate sales and monetizing. How do you keep going?

This book shows you where to go next.

There are 49 chapters and 300 pages of material, written by 30 top bloggers–including yours, truly–and there is no fluff. Every page is relevant and it is filled with information to help you advance your blog, whether you’re looking for a full-time income, or just to get to that next level of readership.

iBlog Pro Topics

The book has seven main sections:

  • Revenue & Products
  • eBooks
  • Social Media
  • Technology & Tools
  • Productivity
  • Conferences
  • Writing

Each section contains valuable information about things like taxes, creating and selling products, passive income, how to make money blogging, organization of your accounts, creating a course or membership site, freelance writing, speaking engagements, google plus and hangouts, HTML, CSS, keywords, vlogging, plugins, time-management, collaborating with other bloggers, and more. I believe every blogger could benefit from something in this book. I personally gleaned a lot of new information, got some great ideas, and highlighted a lot of things for future use.

My Chapters

I wrote 2 of the chapters in the book.

Picmonkey for Bloggers

One of the most common questions I receive as a blogger is, “How do you create all those printables?” Most people assume that you need an expensive program like Photoshop.

But, I have created all of my printable packs using PicMonkey! I have recently started paying for the Royale features, at a rate of $4.95/month or $33/year.

In this chapter, I give some tips and tricks for how bloggers can use PicMonkey, including a bit about how I use it to create my printables.

Time-Management: Prioritizing Tasks

As a wife and mother with a home to keep and 2 little ones to chase after and homeschool all day, I know that I need to be very intentional with my blogging hours. In this chapter, I share one way that I have learned to do that.

If you are a blogger who would like to take your blog to the next level, this is a great read and well worth the $7.99 price tag.

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    As a blogger one year into the blogging world, I am excited to read iBlog Pro! I bought and read the first book – learned so much! Can't wait to get this one with your link! :-)

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