Music Appreciation Curriculum a Homeschool Family can Appreciate!

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of the Zeezok music appreciation curriculum to review with my family. I have been compensated for my time involved with using the products and posting. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Zeezok Music Appreciation Curriculum

One of the most intimidating aspects of homeschooling to me is the fact that I am the teacher of every subject. I remember going to music class with a special music teacher even in elementary school. And while I strongly believe in the value of music appreciation and education, it’s definitely not a personal strength. In fact, I’m embarrassed to admit how little I know about classical music and composers.

So, while I am very comfortable putting our own studies together without a formal curriculum in most areas, I really didn’t even know where to start with music education.

Comprehensive Music Appreciation Curriculum

Zeezok Music Appreciation for the elementary grades is just what we needed! Because I really didn’t know where to start, it was very helpful for me to have everything planned out for me with this curriculum.  This is an all-inclusive music appreciation program. They offer:

Studying Composers: Bach

We have been studying Bach over the last few weeks. In the student activity book, each composer is given a 4 week study with full lesson plans provided for you:

Music Appreciation Lesson Plans

If you love unit studies, this is the music curriculum for you! The lessons incorporate many other areas of study–recipes, science experiments, geography, historical figures, character qualities, etc. I loved the way the curriculum tied music education into other areas of everyday life.

My boys especially loved the oxidation experiment. They saw the snowflakes in the activity book and just had to put their pennies outside in the snow (in addition to the other elements of the experiment).

Music Appreciation Oxidation

The questions in the activity book led us to think about the music and how it made us feel.

Funny story. We were listening to Bach on our cd, and talking about how it made us feel, and how some songs might make us feel relaxed, happy, sad, mad, etc. I asked my 4-year-old, how Bach’s minuet made him feel, giving him some reasonable options–does this song make you feel relaxed, happy, sad?  His response– “It makes me feel old.”

Zeezok Music Appreciation

This kid cracks me up. My boys also had fun dancing around the living room listening to Bach, and painting pictures about nature scenes the songs made them think of. Caeden initially thought of a river and a sky with clouds, but then he decided to add some people to his picture as well.

Zeezok Music Appreciation Curriculum

My boys come from a musical family. My father-in-law plays guitar and steel guitar, their uncle plays bass guitar, and my hubby plays drums. They, too, have always been interested in music, and were very excited to read about the little boy, Sebastian Bach, who came from a musical family and loved music from a young age. I really appreciated that the biographical book was written in a very child friendly way without sacrificing historical accuracy.

Again, this program is very thorough, and set up in a way that makes it easy to teach, even if you have no experience with music education. At the same time, my friend, who is a former elementary music teacher, looked over the program and loved it. So, this program is a great music appreciation curriculum regardless of your personal experience with the subject matter.

Purchase the Curriculum

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  1. Gabby says

    This looks fabulous! I loved taking Music Appreciation in college but would have no idea where to start with teaching my own children.

  2. Sara Goff says

    I was just offered an opportunity to do a retreat in Russia next year!! A little terrifying and exciting all at once.

  3. Caryn Powell Hommel says

    Thank you for this information and review! We just finished reading our first Zeezok book (Haydn: The Merry Little Peasant) and loved it!

  4. Fibia says

    We need help with music appreciation. It is overwhelming when you don’t have a structure to your lesson.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  5. Kelly Pieschek says

    We have been looking for a Music Appreciation program that ‘sticks.’ We have lost interest with the other ones we’ve tried because they weren’t engaging enough! I love how this curriculum ties in science, geography, and so much more with the music/composer studies!

  6. Kathy Cripps Gossen says

    This is fabulous! I would love to try out this curriculum with my daughters, especially Beethoven! Yeah!

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