Keep Good Going (Part 2)

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I’m loving the Keep Good Going campaign from New York Life. I shared the grandpa video with you recently, and now I’m sharing this beautiful, touching video My Uncle’s Gift.  I just love seeing companies focusing on something other than themselves, and I love that they are wanting to promote this idea of keeping good going!

Because it’s something we all can relate to. And it’s something we all desperately need. We need to let those positive influences and words of wisdom sink into our hearts and lives. I’ve actually been working on a post recently about a nugget of wisdom I gained for a high school teacher I had. My high school algebra and calculus teacher, Mr. Lutes.

One day, a slightly mischevious student in our class asked him if he was proud that he completed his homework. This kid was being his usual funny, joking self and was asking for a gold star. But Mr. Lutes in his wisdom, used it as a teaching moment for all of us. His words were simple, yet profound. “You shouldn’t get a gold star for doing what is expected of you. You should do the right thing just because it’s the right thing, without expecting a reward for it.”

Those words have stuck with me all these years. I think it’s especially important for us moms. Sometimes we can feel a bit burdened by what we do and unappreciated. We cook, wash dishes, clean the house, and do laundry. We wipe noses and bottoms, endure tantrums, and pray we are teaching our kids something along the way.

And sometimes, it can feel like no one sees, no one notices. No one is waiting with a paycheck or award. But that’s not why we do it. It can’t be why we do it.

We take care of our families because we love them and it’s what we’re called to do. And that’s what we need to do with or without accolades. Just because it’s the next right thing.

We need to do what we should do, even without getting a gold star or having a cheering section. Some of the most admirable and honorable things are quiet, and done behind close doors. Things that no one will ever even know about, let alone congratulate. But God sees it all. And his promise to us is that we will reap if we do not lose heart. Don’t grow weary in doing good. Even if no one ever notices. It’s an important lesson, and one that I think can help us all grow in contentment if we could really accept it.

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