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Homemaking Bundle: 6 Days Only! Save 95% on eBooks covering EVERY aspect of homemaking--marriage, housekeeping, kids, faith, homeschooling, health, etc. 80+ Resources!

About this time last year, I remember watching as many of my blogging friends shared about something called the Ultimate Homemaking Bundle. (The name may have been slightly different back then, but it was something like that.) It was this AMAZING bundle of 80 or so books and resources about one of my favorite topics–homemaking.

Several things stuck out to me about this bundle:

  • It was made up of the highest quality resources available on the web and from the Christian blogging community. It was an amazing group of talent and resources all in one place and for one price. I was star struck just looking at the list of authors and eBooks.
  • The bundle covered EVERY facet of homemaking–housekeeping, homeschooling, marriage, faith, discipling children, health, pregnancy, motherhood, working from home, holidays, frugal living, cooking, etc.
  • really wanted this bundle! I mean really. 

The biggest thing I remember about the bundle is this–I let it slip right through my fingers. $30 is a lot of money and I just couldn’t justify the expense.

I missed it.

And now that particular bundle is gone.

Don’t miss it!

I’m excited to share that even though that bundle is gone, this year there is a brand new one!!!

The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle is a completely unique group of the best homemaking resources you’ll find around the web. All put together and offered at a savings of 95%!!! Seriously…it’s insane!

Yes, $29.97 is a lot of money. Trust me, I get it! But, that $29.97 is going to get you nearly $800 in resources and bonuses (including some great physical products delivered to your door for only the cost of shipping!)! And, tomorrow I’m going to be sharing some ways to save even MORE if you just cannot afford that $29.97. I can’t wait to share it with you!

So, you get ALL of this below, plus tons of free bonuses!

Ultimate Homemaking Bundle--Get all this for 95% off!!!

You might notice up there on the bottom row, a book that looks familiar. Yes, that’s right. My very own Intentional Marriage Book is included in this bundle!!! I am just over the moon excited to be included in this bundle with all of these amazing ladies and resources :)

My tip–don’t wait! I waited the entire 6 days last year, debating about whether or not I would get it, and planning to get it later, right up until the very last minute and I missed it.

Don’t wait! Go ahead and get yours now, for $29.97

And! Another exciting thing added this year, is that you can get all the eBooks in Kindle Format for just $39.97. And you can do that here:

Need more details?

You can see more info about all of the resources included, and see the FAQ’s. I seriously want to tell you about ALL of these fantastic resources and bonuses (and I will be sharing some of my favorites in another post), but with nearly 100 resources and bonuses, it is just impossible for me to thoroughly cover them all! Seriously, go see for yourself all of the awesomeness!

And again, if you love eBooks, don’t miss out on this bundle!

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