On the Farm Pre-k/K Activity Pack {FREE Printable}

On The Farm Pre-K/K Printable Activity Pack FREE for a limited time from Serving Joyfully

Since it is our desire to live a simple, more sustainable life, we have been talking a lot about farms lately, and I’m excited to share this farm themed printable pack for pre-k/kindergarten learners. I haven’t done a full launch of my printables store yet, but I have been quietly adding packs to it.

And I wanted to remind you today that my subscribers and facebook likers always get to see my printable packs first and you get them for FREE!!! In this packet, you will find more than 20 pages of:

  • Pre-writing
  • Patterns
  • What’s different
  • Mazes
  • Handwriting practice/tracing words
  • Connect the dots
  • Matching
  • Mini-Book
  • Sorting
  • Counting/Adding
  • And more!

How to Get it Free

I’m sorry, but this freebie has expired. You can purchase the Fun on the Farm printable pack in my store, and download my latest free printable here.

Since we’re talking about Farms…

And while we’re on the subject of farms, I thought I’d share some of our favorite farm-themed resources :) Some of these are affiliate links! I have linked to Amazon so you can easily check it out, but I get most of our books from PaperBack Swap. 1. Uno-Moo–Fun game! Match up the animals and colors like you would in the uno card game. Love it! Uno Moo 2. The Serious Farmer–this is such a fun book! We all enjoyed it, and after reading it, I had the boys draw pictures of some of the silly things the animals did to try and get the farmer to smile. They then used their pictures to tell daddy all about the serious farmer and those silly animals. Serious Farm 3. Cock-a-doodle-doo! Barnyard Hullabaloo–A fun collection of poems told from the perspectives of various animals. download (1) 4. Giggle, Giggle, Quack. When farmer Brown goes on vacation and leaves his brother, Bob in charge of the animals, what kinds of mischief will those animals get into? Such a fun book! We also love Click, Clack, Moo. Great illustrations in both! giggle giggle quack   5. The Grumpy Morning Another great one! The kids love hearing about the grumpy animals, and the ending is very sweet. The Grumpy Morning 6. Fisher Price Little People FarmWe loved this! We have now passed it on, but we got it when Caeden was a baby, and he and Logan both played with it for years. farm This list of resources, is definitely not exhaustive! I have only included a few things that our family has used and loved…and I could add even more books, but I limited myself! lol. What are your favorite farm-themed toys, games, books, and resources?


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      Hi Marissa, I responded to your email and sent the pack to you. Please let me know if you still are not able to access it :)

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