Protect Your Family Naturally with Thieves Essential Oil {With GIVEAWAY}

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So, I shared on my facebook page a while back that I have been very interested in learning more about essential oils and how I can use them for my family as we move toward more a more natural lifestyle. That post ended up being one of my most highly interacted with, and it became obvious that a lot of you are interested in essential oils as well.

So, when Carrie and Melinda from Essential Oil Living (independent Young Living distributors) contacted me about doing a review and giveaway on my blog, I was very excited to be able to try these products, and offer a giveaway for YOU as well.

About the Products

They sent me the following products:

  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
  • Thieves Aromabright toothpaste
  • Thieves Essential Oil

And here is some of what Melinda had to say about the products. I love a good story, and the thieves blend certainly has one!

Thieves is a proprietary essential oil blend created by Gary Young. This blend was created based on a “recipe” from the Middle Ages used by a band of thieves to protect themselves from the Black Plague ravishing Europe. These thieves robbed the possessions of those who had died from the disease, and yet they managed to remain perfectly healthy. When the robbers were apprehended, they were forced to give up their secret. In turned out, that these thieves were educated in which plants provided protection against disease.

Thieves is an essential oil blend comprised of five individual essential oils: clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucaliptys, and rosemary. Each of these oils are powerful fighters of germs on their own, but when they are combined the provide a powerful way to eliminate bacteria.

The essential oils that make up the Thieves blend offer powerful, natural anti-bacterial properties, and can be used in a multitude of ways.

What We Thought

We love these products. I love the smell, which is a rich, spicy aroma. It is a nice change to have that spicy, natural smell as opposed to a chemical perfume-y smell. I am so sick of processed, chemical based things in my life, and this is a good way to keep on that path of getting those things out! We all really love the foaming hand soap for all these reasons.

Thieves Essential Oils products giveaway

The toothpaste was a bit strange to me at first, because I am more used to traditional store bought brands, and not natural toothpaste. However, I quickly got used to the new texture, and, as I remarked to my husband the first night I used it, it really did make my teeth feel clean.

I am excited to continue experimenting with the Thieves essential oil blend. When Melinda sent it to me, she sent me a link to a list of 100 uses for Thieves, so I am very excited to keep trying it out.

Protect Your Family, Naturally

With the start of school (more kids = more germs!), and the impending fall cold season, now is the perfect time to stock up on a natural antibacterial option.

If you’re on a budget, you might want to start with the Thieves essential oil blend. It is a bit pricey, but it is very concentrated, and you can use it to make your own cleaner and other products, as discussed here.

Purchase your own Thieves Essential Oil Blend products by signing up here. You can sign up as a customer, which will enable you to purchase products from Young Living at retail price. You can also sign up as a wholesale member, which will allow you to purchase all of Young Living’s products at 24% off retail price.

Win your own Thieves Prize Pack

Now for the best part!!! Carrie and Melinda have generously offered up a prize pack for one of my awesome readers! You have two chances to enter.

  1. Share this giveaway. (I’ve made that easy, as you can just share this post on facebook).
  2. Leave a comment answering the following question: What is your favorite way to use Essential Oils? OR if you don’t use them, which would you most like to try?

Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry as that is how I will be calculating official entries. This giveaway is only open to the US.

Click Here to sign up or purchase. 

This information has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure disease.


  1. Su says

    I use peppermint for nausea and lavender in the tub. I would love to try Thieves. I have been wanting to use there cleaner; however, it is a bit expensive for me. Thank you so much.

  2. Brooke Smith says

    I haven’t used essential oils for much other than lavender to help relax/sleep and to put on mosquito bites. I am interested in learning more about them!

  3. Jane McNaughton says

    I use essential oils to alleviate my son’s allergies! I’ve been wanting to try the Thieves toothpaste, though!

  4. Beth says

    We use essential oils in massage to help with relaxation and in a diffuser to help everyone. I’ve never used Theives before, buy my husband’s naturopath recommended it for some of the issues he’s dealing with right now.

  5. Sarah H says

    I have just recently started using essential oils. So far, I love them! I especially loves putting them in the diffuser to help my family calm down and get ready for sleep. It also works nicely in the diffuser to help my son breathe when his asthma is acting up. I have also recently discovered that peppermint oil really helps with my chronic headaches. So much better than taking medication every day!

  6. Kirsten says

    I have been building my essential oil collection and would love to add Thieves to it. So far I have been making my own blend as a substitute.

  7. Michelle Deragon says

    We are just starting our journey with essential oils and would love this to try. We enjoy diffusing them.

  8. Tiffany Day says

    I have never had the privilege of using essential oils but I hear they even have them for varicose/spider veins. That's what I would love to eventually get. Would love to win this packet and start using them and learning more!

  9. Naya Van Dusen says

    I use EOs for illnesses, to prevent colds in mh yoga classed and for cleaning and refreshing my home

  10. Sarah Davenport says

    I love E.Oils! My son got hand foot and mouth and the spots/blisters showed up on Friday. I used doTerras purify all over his body and it is almost all gone. Should be by tomorrow! I have been looking at thieves oil for a long time because it is so versatile and I love the soap. I hope I win it.

    • Essential Oil Living says

      If you “attend” the free class that Crystal mentions above, we will be discussing many different uses for essential oils. :-)

  11. Sarah Brandau Keller says

    I haven't used them much…but have used them for headaches. Would love to use more natural remedies.

  12. Grace J. says

    I haven’t used EOs much–only for colds and lavender for relaxation/sleeping, but I’d love to learn more about them and really learn how to use them. The thieves blend sound great, especially as everyone goes back to school. :) would love to win it!

  13. ChrisW says

    I would love to try these. I’ve just started using EO’s and diffuse it almost daily, but would love to try the other products, too.

  14. Sarah says

    I’ve never used E. Oils, but I would love to try Thieves. I have heard that lavender soothes mosquito bites and I’m anxious to try that on my toddler who won’t quit scratching.

    • Essential Oil Living says

      Young Living sells a blend called Purification that is great for mosquito bites as well as other types of insect or spider bites and bee stings.

  15. Lindsey Martin says

    Since it's mosquito season, I've been loving my lavender oils right now. Straight on a bug bite and the itching stops immediately! Also, purification in the vaporizer to get rid of cat and food odors.

  16. Saver Sara says

    We are just starting with EO but use them for everything. They have been helpful with allergies, to diffuse and for bumps and bruises! We love them!

    • Essential Oil Living says

      Yeah, I discovered recently that cypress is really great for bumps. My daughter got a big knot on her head from hitting it on something; within an hour of putting cypress on her bump, it was almost completely gone! It’s amazing what essential oils can do. :) Glad they’re helping you and your family.

  17. Tracey Douglas Masters says

    My favorite way to use essential oils is to relieve migraine pain. I mix lavender with peppermint. It helps.

  18. Lori Knopp says

    I use peppermint to help ease headaches and nausea – great natural remedy, which I love even more as I’m pregnant!

  19. Karen L says

    I have not used essential oils that much. We use tea tree in ointments and cleaners and lemon oil in cleaners. But my favorite is using lavender to stop the persistent bed-time cough my girls get when allergies or sinus problems are bad.

  20. Amy W. says

    the only time we have used theives is from my sister-in-law. When my hubby was stuffed up for 2 months straight she gave him a few drops on a cotton ball and he rubbed it on the back of his neck for a few days. IT was cleared up! We haven’t used any more since but I would love to add more immune building and healing properties into our lives as sick season is coming up!

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Wow, I might need to try that! lol. My boys don’t actually argue too much, but we can all use some Peace & Calming! Definitely worth it if it works.

  21. Anthony Destiny Smith says

    We haven't used them yet, but my husband suffers from a TBI he got in Afghanistan in 2012. He has migraines on at least a weekly basis. Would love something more natural for him to take!! I've suffered from migraines since I was 6, and they are often times dibilitating. As I currently breastfeed, I can't take anything for them, but I've read that essential oils are safe for nursing moms. Yay!!

  22. says

    I used to use them for cleaning, but now I just use Norwex (just water and a cloth! =) I love to use EOs for treating cuts. I recently started using sage EO as a bug repellent. I’d love to use them more though!

  23. says

    I am a huge fan of copaiba for inflammation – and lavender is great for first aid for the family (plus we just love how it smells). And diffusing joy on a homeschool morning makes us all smile :)

  24. Amber Kemp says

    I absolutely love using essential oils to help my sweet boy with his anxiety. My son has autism and OCD, and we have used peace & calming and valor to make a lotion to put on his feet at night to help him wind down. It truly helps relax him, and now he asks for his "special lotion" at bedtime before we pray

  25. Lizzie s says

    I don’t use them but would love to start. I’ve been reading on more natural ways to better my family especially with little ones in the home.

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