The Reading Game {Review & Giveaway}

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The Reading Game Collage
We don’t necessarily have a “traditional” school set up. We tend to be very laid back. I school year round, and we enjoy as many fun learning activities as possible. I plan our year based on the things my children should learn and we look for fun and creative ways to learn them.

Which is why I was so very excited to learn about The Reading Game. I was sold at the words “reading” and “game.”

What is the Reading Game?

The game is based on a simple game of memory. However, this game incorporates many more elements to make it effective training in reading.

The reading game includes 6 different levels, which are color coded for easy sorting. Each level contains:

  • 3 picture flash cards
  • 60 word cards (30 different words)
  • 1 book

Each level is further broken down in that the cards are numbered 1-6, with 10 cards of each number. Students work on like numbered cards to form pairs– 10 cards (5 words) at a time, repeating those pairs until they have mastered them.

After mastering the first 2 sets, children can further practice by reading the corresponding picture flash card, with sentences using the 10 words the child has learned. Once they have mastered all the word pairs in the level, they are ready to read the book with that respective level, which is comprised of the 30 words they have learned through that deck of cards.

They learn 30 words per deck, so at the end of 6 levels, they have learned 180 words. Of the 25 most commonly used English words, 23 are on that list; of the most commonly used 50 words, 42.

What we thought about The Reading Game

I LOVE this game, and so do my boys! We still practice phonics, but sight words are important as well, and for some children can be easier for them to learn. Regardless of your preferred method to teach reading, this is a great way to reinforce those skills. It has even been very effective for my struggling reader.

The Reading Game Play

Playing the Reading Game with the 1 and 2 cards together

My boys loved the matching game. They were excited at successfully reading the words, and getting matches.  The instructions indicated that the child should read the words when they get a match, but we read every word that we turn over to decide if it’s a match.

Just to share some of our brand of fun, my boys tend to enjoy the non-matches just as much as the matches, since they can give a very exaggerated, “nooooooo, that’s not a match!” They are so fun.

The picture flash cards act as a built-in reward system. My boys couldn’t wait to master the words so they could read those cards! And, of course, were even more excited to read the book for each level.

Overall, this game is a WIN for us. My boys are learning, and it’s fun. I love it when we can do school without them realizing it!

And, it makes my son smile like this…which is always a good thing.

The Reading Game Review & Giveaway

 Do you play games in your homeschool?



  1. Alysson Cook Reese says

    We homeschool, and I've found Montessori a really wonderful way to do Math, but I struggle to find the reading things that work. W are doing Dick and Jane right now, but we need a fun thing to get everyone excited about it being reading time. They are like, "ugh. Fine. Dick and Jane." Then a page later, "are we done?" If your game helps in the "yay" department, I would sure appreciate it!

  2. Timmi Dobesh says

    This would be great for my little reader who is finding this reading thing challenging maybe something like this would help her

  3. DeAnna Butcher Walker says

    Would love it to teach my youngest to read! Looks like a much more fun and interesting way than the way I taught my older two boys. :)

  4. Jen Mottl says

    I have 6 year old twins who would love this game! My mom helps me homeschool as she used to be a preschool teacher but is now on disability. It would be right up Grandma's alley too! :)

  5. Emily Kish says

    Learning games are the best, I love when we can “trick” our kids into learning and show them how fun learning can be! We started homeschooling this year with first grade and preschool – ages 6, 4, 2…so we will have lots of learning to read over the next few years!

  6. Trish Hoffman says

    Hi! I shared on Fb as well. I would like to win for my best friends 6 yr old boy, whom I would gift this to if I won. He has been struggling terribly in public school and his self esteem concerning reading is quite low. My friend wishes she could Homeschool but their family cannot make the financial sacrifice by only having one income. We play games like this in our Homeschool daily(games are the best!) And when I saw this and immediately thought of him, it would help him so much I'm sure ! Thanks!

  7. Sandie says

    This game looks like it would be great for my son! Today was his first day of kindergarten and he is really excited about reading and spelling. I know he would catch on so much quicker if we could make a game out of it instead of boring other ways.

  8. bree family says

    I would love to have this game for my younger children. I started homeschooling in the middle so this is my first time teaching a child to read and I’m very nervous about that! It was easy to do the ones that were reading already.

  9. Nita says

    This is my first year homeschooling all 3 of my boys. This would be a blessing for my struggling 8 year old son.

  10. Anonymous says

    This sounds like a fun way to teach reading to my daughter. I shared this on my Facebook page. Thanks for all your wonderful insights. It’s like candy in my mailbox :)

  11. Dominica Tocco Miller says

    I'm so excited to see a blogger review of this game! I saw it on Amazon, but I've been debating buying it because I wasn't sure if it would be fun and effective for helping my daughter learn to read. She is 5.5 and she is doing very well with sounding out CVC words but extra help with learning sight words would be awesome.

  12. Jennifer Bowman Lauer says

    This is perfect for my new kindergartener! He loves learning in a game setting and this will really help boost his reading skills. His confidence will soar once he knows he can read something!!

  13. Nancy says

    We have 3 beginning readers (twin 5 year olds and their big brother who is Irish triplets with them. This would be perfect for us! We just started homeschooling last year and haven’t done games yet, but sounds like fun!

  14. says

    I struggle with feeling like I can't teach my boys. I homeschool because I know nobody what's them to succeed like I do. I give each day to God and pray that I do something right:) I am having a hard time teaching them to read…so this game would be awesome!!!!

  15. says

    HI, would love to win Reading Game to help with my 7 year old. She struggles with reading and does not enjoy it like her sisters. This will be our 2nd year homeschooling and I am always looking for fun and enjoyable ways of learning. Thank you!!!

  16. Saphah Ahabah Bat Yisrael says

    This sounds great! I have a 5 yr old who refuses to read. I've tried everything from websites and web games to one-on-one to having her 4 siblings help …. and … nothing.

  17. Kendra says

    I’d love to use this to challenge my son in reading since his grade level curriculum isn’t difficult for him at all. Our daughter would benefit as well since she knows all the letter sounds.

  18. Cassie Smith says

    I would love this game for so many different reasons! We adopted my oldest son when he was three and he was completely nonverbal. We are making great strides, but he just does not enjoy reading….I want him to love reading, but I don't know how to encourage this in him. I think the Reading Game would help with this!!! I am not working this year, and I want to do everything I can to teach and love on my boys even more!

  19. says

    I have a struggling reader who just LOVES to play games. This could be perfect to provide the motivation and excitement he desires and I was encouraged to read how happy you were with the program.

  20. Cara O says

    This will be my first year homeschooling my five year old son. I also have 2.5 year old and 4 month old sons. My 5 year old LOVES games and is bright but hasn’t been able to master the concepts of reading. This would be a huge help for him. I think it would also help my 2.5 year old because his speech is very delayed. Having a game that he could “play” along with his brother that emphasizes basic words would be a great benefit to him and his verbal development. Plus the game will get a lot of use because we plan to have more children, Lord willing:)

  21. Lynn says

    I’d love to win this because it will make learning more fun and exciting. Because this year, that is what I’d like to improve on in our homeschooling. Thank you.

  22. Stephanie Hannah says

    I’d love to win this for my son. The game sounds fun and it will not even feel like work to my son to learn his sight words this way. Thank you!!

  23. Cathy says

    I would love to play this with my three young children. They love to play memory so they would be able to understand the concept of how to play and find a match. What a great reading tool.

  24. Jen Wilson says

    I have a beginning reader who struggles with focusing, so fun ways to learn are definitely are requirement! I would love to win!

  25. Christie K says

    WOW! This looks SUPER FUN! My kiddos would love this. They enjoy family game time and this would be perfect! Learning and having fun? Can’t get much better!

  26. Dominique Sexton says

    I have been looking for a fun way for my daughter to learn how to read better and something we can do together! I believe sight words is what she is lacking in and I have tried to make flash cards, but she gets bored too quickly – the matching game would be a great way as well as the reward! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  27. Tara says

    I would love to win this game for my 7 year old. He is really struggling with learning to read and shows signs of dyslexia.

  28. says

    I would love this game! I'm currently homeschooling my daughter but also have 2 younger ones who love playing games so this would get a lot of use in our house! Thanks for the chance to win!

  29. says

    I love this! My oldest daughter will be 5 in December and has been asking to learn to read for about 6 month. She can already identify some words but this would be great to help reinforce her learning. Anytime I can teach her something while letting her play is a win-win for me!

  30. Christy Parker says

    My children are all grown but I have 22 grandchildren that are all being homeschooled. I see a great learning game to keep at my house for them!!

  31. Nicole Bowling Sparks says

    I would love to win this because any kind of "game" where they learn too sounds great, and my oldest is struggling just a little with reading.

  32. Sonia Burns Lahley says

    My Daughter would LOVE this!!! It's so helpful making learning fun… It's hard to do at time… Anything helps…. THANK YOU!

  33. Beth says

    We are a HUGE gaming family and my husband is always looking for games to introduce to our daughter. I love that its educational too and she will have fun while she’s learning.

  34. Teresa Hoover says

    I have three boys, and the oldest is thisclose to reading. I think this game would be great for him now and the other two as they develop pre-reading skills. =)

  35. Teresa says

    I have three boys, and the oldest is thisclose to reading. I think this game would be great for him now and the other two as they develop pre-reading skills. =)

  36. says

    This learning game sounds awesome! My grandaughter is just starting first grade tomorrow and this last year she has started learning to read, she came a long way already but she gets very antsy and tired of a task easily. So i'm thinking this might be just what she needs to hold her focus and enjoy the process of learning to read. I truely hope she grows up loving to read books, they can provide such inspiration and learning and pure joy…

  37. Crystal Brothers says

    Jen, you were the winner of the giveaway! I just need you to send your address to Crystal (at) serving joyfully (dot) com. Congrats :)

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