Why You should Sign up as a Bundle Affiliate

I have a special message today just for bloggers. This message contains affiliate links.

Ultimate Christian Living Bundle

A few weeks ago, I shared that we have a goal of saving cash for a home. When I shared some of the ways that we are adding to our savings, several people wondered at the fact that my blog was on that list. I am working on a post to share more in depth about some of the ways that I have been earning an income with my blog, because I know that many of you would like to earn a bit of income with your blogs and aren’t sure where to begin. But, I’m sharing this today because this huge one is coming up this week and YOU still have time to get in on it!

I am so very excited about the upcoming Ultimate Christian Living Bundle–it is a great deal and is a win-win-win. Everyone benefits from this amazing product.

Sign up here to be an affiliate (it will help me also if you sign up with my link–thank you!)

Why should you sign up as an affiliate?

If you’ve yet to dip your toes into affiliate marketing, I want to share with you some of the reasons that this bundle would be a great place to start:

1. Great value for your readers.

One of the most important things about affiliate marketing is to only promote products that you really believe in and support–when you love it, you can more easily share it with others (and with a clear conscience!). This bundle is just such a product. The bundle is valued at over $1,000! It includes ebooks from your favorite bloggers, and your favorite traditional publishers like Tyndale and Moody. And with a price tag of only $34.95 ($39.95 for the eReader versions), that is a huge savings that you are offering to your readers. Every year, the coordinators get emails from people who are disappointed to have missed the sale–don’t let your readers miss it because they didn’t know about it.

2. Great earning potential for you. 

Affiliates have the opportunity to earn a 45% commission (that’s over $15!) from every bundle sold, and that adds up quickly! Most affiliate programs offer small percentages and lower priced products. Many of my affiliate programs earn me pennies per sale. This is a great way to get some experience with affiliate sales, while making a real earning for your family–and just in time for Christmas.

3. Opportunity to earn your own bundle for free. 

If you are an affiliate and sell just 5 bundles, you’ll not only earn $75 in commissions, but you will also earn your own bundle for free! And, it is definitely one you will want to get! (If you don’t earn your bundle, you can still purchase it through your own affiliate link).

4. Amazing support and training materials.

The coordinators of this sale have been doing it for a while. They know what works with marketing and promotion, and they have some awesome training materials available to help you be successful in this sale. The great thing is that most of their materials aren’t just applicable to this sale, but to monetizing your blog in general. You can learn so much about blogging and monetizing your blog from them!

If you’d like to sign up as an affiliate to earn some extra cash (just in time for Christmas!), apply here. The sale runs from Nov 5-Nov 10, so sign up now! 

You can also check out the bundle before signing up.

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