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Note: The Christian Living Bundle is no longer available. However, these resources from it are still available individually at the links below…

Without any more rambling, I present my favorite books from the bundle. Prices listed are current Amazon kindle prices at the time of this writing. Affiliate links.

uclb quiet times

1. The Quiet Place Daily Devotional ReadingsBy Nancy Leigh DeMoss, $9.99

Though I don’t agree with some of Nancy Leigh DeMoss’s teachings (specifically, her ideas about mental illness), I do find her challenging, encouraging, and inspirational in most instances, and am looking forward to this devotional book.


uclb mornings with tozer

2. Mornings with Tozer (Daily Devotional Readings) by A.W. Tozer, $8.69

This is another devotional that I am really looking forward to!


uclb art of storytelling

3. The Art of Story Telling by John Walsh, $8.09

As a writer, I am always looking for new ways to share the gospel through story. However, even if you aren’t a writer, these tips can help with sharing the gospel through story in your every day lives as well.

UCLB Umbrella


4. How Big is Your Umbrella? by Sheila Wray Gregoire. $2.99

This is a great little book about looking to God in times of trouble and the ways he comforts us. A great addition to any eLibrary.

UCLB Extraordinary Grace

5. Extraordinary Grace by Gary Chapman and Chris Fabry, $9.09

I’ve been looking forward to this one, and was very excited to see it included in the bundle!

(I’ve already surpassed the price of the bundle, but I’m going to keep going with a few more)

uclb 100 ways husband  uclb 100 ways wife

6 & 7. 100 Ways to Love Your Husband and 100 Ways to Love Your Wife by Matthew and Lisa Jacobson, $7.98

You know how much I stress being intentional about loving our husbands, so I was excited to see these 2 books included in the bundle. I’m excited to read Lisa’s tips.


uclb pulling back shades

8. Pulling back the Shades by Dannah Gresh and Dr. Juli Slattery, $7.01

I was so saddened to see the popularity of that-one-book. I saw Christian women around me reading it and gushing about it. It’s trash and I couldn’t believe how mainstream and accepted it became, even in the church. I am glad to see someone courageous enough to take a stand against it.

uclb team us

9. Team Us by Ashley Slater, $8.09

Another great marriage resource included in this bundle! I haven’t read this one yet, but am excited to.

uclb yes to God

10. Saying Yes to God as a Family by Kristen Welch, $1.99

I am a big admirer of Kristen and her work. I love what she does, and I love that she has the ability with her words to inspire others to live more fully for God and in service to others. That is an amazing gift. I can’t wait to read this and be encouraged.

uclb Katie and Addie

11. Katie and Michelle Wetteland, illustrated by John Rose, $8.99

This looks like a very cute book with beautiful illustrations. I have been looking to add more kid stuff to my kindle, so this came at a perfect time.

uclb singing bible

12. The Singing Bible, $25

We love Bible-based “kid songs” around here, so I’m very excited about this!


uclb thanksgiving heart

13. Thanksgiving Heart by Stacie Nelson

We love to cultivate Thanksgiving in our children, so I am excited about this resource from Stacie Nelson. Available on PDF (with printables) or on Amazon.

I’m going to stop there. Not because I’m out of books but because…{ahem} my family needs to eat dinner sometime tonight!

But I do want to say that these are just the books that I had previous knowledge of and was already excited about. I am extra excited about digging into the ones that I haven’t yet heard of. There are treasures to be found here!


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