How to have a No-Stress Thanksgiving {A FREE Thanksgiving Planner & Cookbook}

I am delighted to introduce you to my dear friend Beth from Eat Better, Spend Less. She is such a beautiful person, inside and out and I’m especially excited because she has come bearing gifts today! Be sure you visit her site and check out her eBooks as well (one of them is FREE).


Oh how I wish Autumn was the longest season of all. It’s by far my favorite. Warm blankets, sweet scented candles, and cozy soups and stews for dinner. It rejuvenates and relaxes my soul all at the same time.

A Lovely Thanksgiving: Free E-Book

As if I needed another reason to love fall, it also brings with it my favorite holiday; Thanksgiving. Yes. Thanksgiving. I feel almost guilty saying that because I feel like Christmas should be my favorite. I do love Christmas, oh-so much. But Christmas comes with a lot of hustle and bustle, horrible traffic, and let’s admit it, some stress! I love the Christmas season; the music, the lights, the desserts I shouldn’t be eating, and the wonderful church and community events that bring us together in the celebration of the birth of our savior.

But Thanksgiving. I love its simplicity. You cook. People eat. We have a quiet day at home. And we begin to ponder that which we are thankful for. We reminisce about days gone by, and we review the year we’re about to bring to a close. It’s a wonderful time to reflect, and to prepare our hearts for Christmas.

And that’s why I decided a few years ago that I was going to change the way we do Thanksgiving. It occurred to me after looking at pictures of my husband and kids playing outside, romping around in the woods, taking pictures with our Sheltie, that I had missed the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love making Thanksgiving dinner. I break out the Christmas music and make an event of it. But I didn’t like missing the adventures, the free time, and the memories that were being made while I was chopping onions.

It was out of this frustration that my new Thanksgiving Meal Planner was created. Now, instead of making everything fresh on Thanksgiving day, I begin cooking on the Monday of that week. I cook a few things each day, according to the plan, leaving me very little to do once the big day arrives. I love how it has freed me up to do something else, like watch a Christmas movie, or play a game with the kids.

If you’ve been reading Crystal’s blog very long, you know how much she loves to bless her readers. And because I think she’s so awesome, I want to bless her readers too (that’s you!) So I’m offering you each a copy of my Thanksgiving Planner and Cookbook. No strings.  Just a gift, to set the mood for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. From my heart to yours.

Click here to get your free Thanksgiving Planner and Cookbook, or click the image below.

 A Lovely Thanksgiving: Free e-Book Start cooking on Monday so you can thoroughly enjoy Thursday!
The first page will be the menu. Feel free to make whatever changes you want to make. See a dish you don’t want to make? That’s OK, just pencil in what you’d rather make and decide when is the best time to make it. Can you freeze it? Then do it toward the beginning of the week. Even if you don’t use the menu exactly, I hope the plan will help you have a simpler, easier holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you!

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Beth Cranford is a homemaking, homeschooling, blogging wife and mom. She’s been married to her best friend for 23 years, and together they enjoy raising their two children and working on this crazy blogging thing.

Beth is a child of God and knows that it’s only by His abundant and personal grace that she can be what she’s called to be. She’s the author of several e-books, including “Emergency Meals”, “Is Homeschooling Really For Us?”and “16 Strategies To Eat Better and Spend Less” (That one’s free, so go on over and get your copy).

 In this season of life, she’s on a mission to help moms experience smoother dinner times, provide healthy and delicious meals for their families, and stick to a food budget! Come on over for some  recipes, meal plans, freezer- cooking tips, and more at


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