Torn Paper Christmas Tree

Torn Paper Christmas Trees {With a free printable template}

One day last December, I decided it had been a while since we did a fun craft. I wanted to do something fun, but easy. I wanted my boys to be able to work on it independently at the kitchen table while I was working on dishes, etc.

I saw our stash of construction paper, and this idea came to me. It came together in just a few minutes since I had all supplies on hand, and it was a fun project for my boys.

Make Your Own Torn Paper Christmas Tree

Supplies Needed

  • Base paper (we used cardstock, and that is what I would recommend)
  • Construction paper–green, brown, and yellow. You could also use other colors for ornaments if desired.
  • Glue
  • Presents–We used stickers, but you could also draw them on.

torn paper christmas tree

What to do

1. When we did this, I simply drew a triangle for the tree and a square for the trunk (good time to talk about shapes in real life!). However, I have created a free printable template for you. Click the image below for the printable version of this simple tree.

Christmas Tree

2. Give children their templates, and construction paper, and instruct them to tear the paper into pieces and place it on the template to form their tree. Tip: when working with glue, pour a bit onto a small plate, and give children a q-tip to use for placing the glue. 

torn paper christmas tree

3. Allow children to work until their trees are finished, finally adding a small torn piece on top for the star (you could also use a sticker, etc. for the star). Add decorative ornaments and/or gifts beneath the tree for adornment.

Torn paper christmas tree craft



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