Our Kids Deserve Our Time and Attention {Tech Timeout Challenge}

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Life no regrets

A few years ago, a mom wrote a post that went viral. I know, I know, this happens every day. But this one has stuck with me. This particular mother was frustrated at being told by older mothers to “cherish every moment”. She felt that her frustrations were valid, and should be treated as such.

As a mom with 2 young boys, I can appreciate her frustrations to an extent. Some moments certainly don’t feel worthy of being particularly “cherished.”

However, I also believe that when older women who have gone before us express their regrets, things they wish they’d done differently, we should take note. No, we can’t take every piece of advice that comes our way, but we can and should pay attention. It’s prideful for us to think we have everything figured out and can’t learn from older generations, especially when the same theme comes up over and over.

So when I speak to older women around me and nearly every single one of them expresses a distinct regret over not spending more time with their children when they were younger, I need to stop and pay attention to that.

As I think on it I have never met a single person who has said to me, “My biggest regret is that I spent too much time enjoying life with my kids when they were young.” Never.

On the other hand, I have heard countless women regretting that they spent that time on everything else–being everything to everyone, but often forsaking quality time with their family. This world offers us so many distractions. Jobs, careers, friends, hobbies, twitter, facebook, internet, computers…technology.

Our lives are but a vapor. So short and fleeting. And our time as mothers with small children is even shorter. (<–a beautiful post about the time we have with our children). We never know when that time will be violently taken from us. I would never promote living life fearfully, but it is my deepest desire to live with no regrets as much as possible. And that means pouring into my family, spending quality time with my children.

Sometimes it means turning off the television, shutting off the computer and just being together.

With the exception of myself and my blogging responsibilities, our family is very low-tech. We love it, but sometimes my blogging responsibilities still creep in and tie me to my computer more than I would like. So, this past week, I took the Foresters tech timeout challenge.

The pledge is simple–commit to 1 hour per day of technology free time for just one week.

Tech Timeout Pledge Wall

So many of us know that we need to engage with our families more. We have a desire for lives that are less connected to cyberspace and more connected with real life. But sometimes, it’s hard to put that into practice. It becomes an empty dream, a hope, an empty and meaningless “one day” kind of thing.

Unless we get intentional with it. Sometimes we have to be intentional to break those bad habits and institute new and better ones. One hour a day of technology free time with your family.

Take the pledge for one week, and then don’t stop. Just one hour a day.

Our Pledge

As I said, we are generally low-technology, but life can still get busy, so we aren’t always engaging with one another and away from technology for an hour at a time all together every day. So, we had a lot of fun this past week being intentional about spending one hour together each day as a family. We had a lot of fun making holiday memories together. Some of the things we did:

  • We drove around to look at Christmas lights
  • We wrapped our Christmas gifts together (we did listen to Christmas music during this time). My boys are 5 and 7, so their gifts aren’t that “pretty,” but they love doing it and our whole family had such a great time doing this!
  • Playing board games (we love board games!)
  • Making gingerbread ornaments for our tree
  • Making paper garland for the tree
  • Reading books–we LOVE to read books!

PS–See my instagram for some of the photos!

I have a list of winter-friendly activities here (not all are technology free, but most are)

You can get lots of other great ideas here, and on the Tech Time Out facebook page.

Will you take the pledge?




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