A God Who Comforts {Lessons from our puppy emergency}

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If you follow me on facebook, you may have seen this, but last Sunday night as my boys and I were returning home from evening church services, I hit our puppy with my van. She is a lab mix, and was about 10 weeks old at the time. Very small. We’ve only had her for about a month and a half, but already our family loves her and my boys especially are very attached to her.

I didn’t actually run over the puppy, but must have hit her somehow with a part of the van and I didn’t realize right away what had happened. It was my boys who found her once they tried calling her and she didn’t come.

They thought she was dead. I thought we’d lose her. It was a very bad night. My 7 year old said the next day that it was the worst night of his life, and my husband and I agreed it was way up there for us as well.

Her breathing was labored and rattling. I thought there was no chance for that puppy, but we desperately prayed, called a vet who could see her right away and my hubby drove her there.

My boys were sobbing and devastated. My 5 year old just kept saying, “I want her back! I want her back!”

It was heart-wrenching to me as a mother to see my children in such pain. Because at that point things were very uncertain and I truly had no reassurances to give them regarding the puppy coming back home.

I can now say that our puppy has made a miraculous recovery and is almost back to normal!!! Praise the Lord!


We are all so grateful that the Lord saw fit to spare her life and bring her back to us.

The biggest miracle for me as a mother, though, happened that night when things were still very uncertain.

As I said above, my boys found her. She was bleeding from her nose, couldn’t get up, and her breathing was rattling. At some point, she opened her eyes and a blood vessel had burst so that both eyes looked red.

My 7 year old, who has high-functioning autism, was very shaken. As we went to bed that night–our whole family squished together on our full/queen sized bed-he lay there and he just couldn’t get those images out of his mind. He kept saying that he couldn’t get those bad things out of his head. That every time he closed his eyes to try and sleep, he saw Rosie with her red eyes and labored breathing and thought about her dying.

I knew how much the same sight was haunting me and it broke my heart that I couldn’t do anything for him.

As mothers, we want to be able to “fix” everything for our children, but this was something that I just couldn’t fix. 

So, I did the only thing I could. I prayed.

I grabbed my husband’s hand and we began to pray for the Lord to comfort him, give him peace, and quiet his mind.

Within 10 seconds of beginning that prayer, my son was sound asleep. 

I’m tearing up now just thinking about it a week later.

It was a reminder to me.

I can’t fix everything, but I can point them to the One who can.

There are things that I cannot do for my children. But I can always point them to Jesus and I can teach them that He can give them peace that passes understanding.

It was such a beautiful thing for me to see the Lord care for my child in such a tender way right before my eyes. There are so many things that we don’t get to see, but this I saw.

And I know, without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord comforted him and allowed him to fall asleep. Because I know my child and there is literally know other way that would have happened.

Mamas, I know it’s hard to imagine, but God loves our babies even more than we do. And He will care for them. 

The Lord Comforts

I’m so glad that our puppy is recovering (nearly completely recovered!) But still the best thing for me was the reminder of God’s presence and His comfort.

We don’t always get the happy ending that we want. Some situations won’t have that. Some situations won’t go the way we want, and some will end in tragedy.

But the Lord is always there. He will strengthen us. He will comfort us. He will give us peace.

His grace is sufficient.

How has the Lord comforted you in a tough situation?


  1. says

    I am saying a prayer of thanks to our Lord for saving the puppy and for bringing comfort to you and your family. Yes, I God covers us all. He is wonderful.

  2. Sarah says

    In the past two years we have lost two baby girls, both at about twenty weeks gestation. Our four children have been very involved in the pregnancies, so the losses have been deeply felt by all. What a blessing it has been to have the comfort of Heaven! We have been able to talk about how our little girls are with Jesus and never have to feel pain or sadness. At one point my then five year old said, “We should be thankful that our baby is in Heaven because she’ll have a better life there.” Wow! This has made Heaven more of a reality for us, rather than a distant concept. My kids don’t fear death anymore. They see it as a happy reunion. I still struggle, but the “God of all comfort” is slowly working in me, too.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Sarah, I am so sorry for your loss! Thank you so much for sharing your perspective on this. I am often humbled by the simple, trusting faith of our children in this way.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Thanks, Pamela. It sounds like your children are blessed that you have done this and continue to do so.

  3. says

    Oh Crystal, that is heartbreaking! I am so glad he is doing better. We just got a black lab mix puppy as well (Jack), and I can’t imagine what the kids would do if something happened to her.
    So glad God was with you all through this!

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Thanks, Misty! Her recovery has been pretty amazing and she’s pretty much back to normal now. We are so grateful that the Lord saw fit to spare her.

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