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I often share free eBooks with you, like I did here and here. Amazon often has kindle books from your favorite publishers for FREE and you don’t even need a kindle.

And you can also get 2 completely free Audio books with your Audible free trial.

But, I know that a lot of you prefer print books (I do too!) I have shared before how I get free and frugal books, but today I want to give you a simple, step-by-step guide for getting a free book from Tyndale House.

  • NO credit card required
  • NO purchase necessary
  • NO shipping or delivery charge

All you need is about 5 minutes, and the book is delivered to your door–completely free.

Sign up at Tyndale Rewards

How to get your book from Tyndale completely free.

  1. The very first thing you’ll need to do is to sign up for tyndale rewardsUse this link to get a bonus 25 points.
  2. Complete any of the following for instant points:
    1. Bible Survey, 15 pts.
    2. e-Book Survey, 20 pts.
    3. Subscribe to e-Newsletter/e-Devotional, 20 pts.
    4. e-reader Survey, 10 pts.
    5. Faith that Sticks Survey, 10 pts.
    6. Enter your birthday for the Birthday Club, 15 pts
  3. After completing these quick activities, you’ll have earned a total of 105 points, and you can choose a book valued at 105 or less. Complete your request, verify your address, and your book will be on it’s way!

Note: rewards start at just 10 points! There are several sticker sets for just 13 points each! And activity books for children for just 20 points each.

Available Books

The books available are always changing, but here are some of my favorites that are available right now:

  • The One Year Amish Peace by Tricia Goyer (80 pts)
  • So Long, Insecurity Devotional Journey by Beth Moore (70 pts)
  • Busy Mom’s Guide to Parenting Young Children (65 pts)
  • Faith that Sticks stickers (13 pts)
  • Faith that Sticks activity books (20 points)
  • Several Bibles to choose from (avg. 125 points)
  • Belonging Journal (80 points)
  • Adventures in Odyssey Compilations (75 points)
  • Spanish resources

There are many more selections, these are just a few I thought you might be interested in. They have Bibles, audio Bibles, fiction, devotionals, etc.

Some Notes:

There are some additional ways to earn points as well, but I didn’t include those because they aren’t all instant. Some need to be verified, etc. Earn more points by:

  • Referring friends–10 points per friend who joins through your link;
  • Joining a focus group–25 points per survey taken through this;
  • Review a Tyndale product–10 pts. per review, up to 50 points per month earned this way.
  • Share on facebook/blog/twitter–share a direct link to the rewards site (not your referral link) and get 10 points per share, up to 50 points per month can be earned this way.
  • Share Tyndale news–share on social media and submit your link. 10 points per share, can be earned once per week.

Rewards start at 10 pts and 15 pts and are changed frequently, so if there is something you want, earn the points for it now. It’s nice though because if there isn’t something you want, new things are always being added. Check out the full list of books at the Tyndale Rewards Site.

Sign up now and get your free book from Tyndale.

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