Firework Safety–Keep your Kids & Property Protected

In honor of firework safety month, I’m bringing you a guest post from a partner all about Firework safety. Have fun, but be safe!

firework safety

Between spending warm nights outside and celebrating the Fourth of July, summer is the best time to enjoy fireworks! They are beautiful in the sky and can make any night one to remember. Although it’s always great to be able to put on your own little firework show at home, it’s extremely important to follow regulations and guidelines to protect yourself and your property. With these tips you’ll learn how to keep everyone safe and prevent damage to your home.

Follow Laws and Regulations

The laws regarding the purchase and use of fireworks vary by state and it is always a good idea to make sure to be familiar with the laws in place in where you live. This is important because some states prohibit the use of fireworks at home all together. Also, there are usually different regulations on the type of fireworks consumers can purchase. Some states only permit sparklers or smaller fireworks of a similar nature.

Designate a Shooter

When you’re ready to start the show, assigning someone to aim and light the fireworks is important. This person should have experience with fireworks and feel comfortable lighting them. . The person in charge must be aware of their surroundings (unless you want to do some unexpected remodeling to your home!). It’s also a good idea for the designated shooter to wear safety glasses to protect their eyes in case of any faulty firework mishaps.

Keep the Kids Safe

Make sure children stay as far away from the fireworks as possible. If you want to take extra precaution, or if your children are bothered by loud noises, you could even have them watch from inside through a window. In this way, they can still enjoy the fireworks but avoid being bothered by the loud noise and possibility of falling embers. If you’re using sparklers, give the kids a crash safety course on how to handle them, and monitor their use at all times.

Protect your house

It is important to keep fireworks as far away as possible to avoid any fire damage. Also make sure to shoot the fireworks off facing away from houses and vehicles which prevents the opportunity for embers to fall on them.  Home remodeling companies hear tales all the time of a rogue firework that damages or ruins a home’s siding, front door, or roofing.

Overall, being mindful of your surroundings will ensure a safe home firework show!

Have water on hand

One of the most important firework safety tip is to always keep a bucket of water nearby to soak used fireworks in before throwing them away, this prevents the possibility of partially ignited fireworks catching fire in the garbage.

Consider keeping a hose easily accessible. If anything does happen to catch fire, you’ll be able to quickly and safely extinguish it. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Following these tips is important for the safety of participants and property. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ve taken all the necessary precautions and are safely celebrating with a great fireworks show right in your backyard!

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