Summer Jobs for Teens

I worked a lot of jobs as a teen. I hope you enjoy this guest post with ideas for your teen. What would you add to the list? -Crystal

summer jobs

As your kids outgrow summer camp, it’s easy for them to fall into an unproductive routine, which can form an unhealthy habit for them and cause frustration for you! Netflix and video games cannot suffice for an entire summer vacation, so encouraging your teen to find a summer job will get them out of the house, earning money, and gaining valuable experience. If your teen is apprehensive about a mundane grocery bagging job, here are some exciting summer job ideas for teens.

Camp Counselor

Your teen may have outgrown attending summer camp as a camper, but that doesn’t mean he or she still can’t enjoy all that camp has to offer. Camp counselor jobs are a great way for teens to be able to spend time outdoors while taking on the responsibility of caring for children, which is exciting and fulfilling, not to mention they’ll actually get paid for it! Teens who counsel will also gain valuable life-lessons throughout the summer, be them from older counselors or young campers alike.


Though landscaping requires hard work, dedication and maturity, it can be a great jobs for any mature teen who is strong and looking to develop useful skills, especially if your teen is already familiar with mowing neighborhood lawns. Local companies, such as Bucks County landscapers may have some small odd jobs for your teen to do which requires minimal training.

Movie Theater Attendant

Many movie theaters hire teens to work at the ticket sales booth, collect tickets or even work concession stands. This is a great job for your movie loving teen because he or she will get an inside look of how the movie theater runs, and be able to escape the heat this summer.

Ice Cream Scooper

Working at an ice cream place is a great summer job, especially for teens who choose to live down the shore for the summer. Scooping ice cream is an easy skill to learn and because of this, ice cream establishments may be more likely to hire teenagers.

Restaurant Server

Although servers rely on mostly on tips for their salary and the job can be tiring at times, being a server at a restaurant can be rewarding to your teen. They’ll learn how to deal with difficult people and hone their communication skill, and feel the satisfaction of earning their own spending money.


If your teen excels in academics, a great job for them is tutoring young kids in basic mathematics and writing. Many parents turn to tutors and torturing services in the summer months to help their children get ahead for the upcoming school year. Encourage your teen to put themselves out there and start his or her own tutoring business.


This is a great job for any teen who loves to swim and possesses strong swimming abilities. Your teen will learn decision making skills and develop their sense of maturity with a lifeguarding job. Of course, your teen will have to be certified to, but once the requirements are met, they’ll have a descent paying job. The best part is that each summer they can go back to lifeguarding.

With these summer job ideas, your teen will be off the couch and out in the world gaining experience.

Did you have summer jobs as a teen?


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