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Plus Size Fashion Modesty
This past year, I have made a big change to my wardrobe, making the switch to wear only long skirts instead of pants. I had actually put it off for a while, even though the Lord was convicting me about it, just because I didn’t want to face the backlash and comments I knew would come. But, I committed and did it and I have been so blessed in following the Lord’s leading! But, that’s a story for another day.

What I wanted to talk about today is one of the more frustrating aspects for me–it’s so hard to find good quality and affordable, long skirts! It’s getting harder and harder to find modest clothing these days, and add in being plus-sized and it’s nearly impossible.

I’ve had some good luck at goodwill now and then (yes, I’m a proud goodwill shopper!), but for the most part it has been very difficult to find affordable long skirts.

Which is why I was so excited to learn about the Classic Clothing Store. I was able to try out two of their skirts, and I can’t wait for you to see them!

About Classic Clothing Store

Classic Clothing Store is a family sewing business started in 1987, born out of the need to find modest clothing at a reasonable price.

In their own words:

We are interested in providing modest clothing for women and girls using high quality fabrics and using a combination of styles that are comfortable, classic, and/or traditional.

Classic Clothing Store values modesty and family, and that shows in every article of clothing they make and send out.

About the Clothing

The first thing to note about the clothing is that it is proudly handmade in the USA. That is a rare find these days, and I love supporting a small, family-run company with ethical business practices.

They offer a wide variety of clothing options from blouses to dresses, skirtsaprons, and more for both girls and ladies.  They offer styles that are both timeless classics and more updated.

They even offer quality head coverings (scarves) at the most affordable price I’ve seen.

The same company also makes beautiful old-fashioned (pioneer) clothing, and you can check out their pioneer dress here.

Customizable Options.

One of my favorite things about this company is that their clothing items are fully customizable–fabrics, sizes, lengths, etc. This is a rare find indeed, and just one of the many benefits of working with a smaller business- unbeatable customer service and value.

For my fellow plus-sized readers, they offer sizes up to 3x in most of their items.

The skirts Amy sent me:

3-Tiered Linen Skirt in Essex Tan

essex tan tiered skirt

I’ve been wanting a khaki skirt because the color pretty much goes with anything and everything, and it can be dressed up or down.  At the same time, I needed something durable. I don’t wear skirts just for “dress up” events, but also for every day–housework, garden work, etc.

For example, here I am petting our puppy.  You might remember her from our scare a few months back when we first got her. She’s all healed up now and you can’t really tell from this picture, but she’s grown so much since then! She just loves to have her chin and belly scratched. As my hubby said recently, “I do believe she’d lay there all day if someone would scratch her belly all that time.”


Anyway, this skirt was the perfect khaki colored skirt for me.  It’s pretty enough to dress up and wear to church, but also durable enough that I don’t feel bad about working in it. The fabric is a very sturdy twill, so it was a bit stiff when I first got it, but very comfortable after a couple of washings, and still very durable.

I might have a slight obsession with tiered prairie skirts lately. I love that they are so comfortable and easy to move in and this one is one of my favorites.

The Full Denim Skirt

denim skirt

Honestly, I’ve never been a huge fan of denim skirts, they’ve always seemed stiff and uncomfortable to me. But that’s before I discovered this denim skirt from the Classic Clothing Store. Mine is made from a very lightweight, soft, yet durable denim fabric. Note: They do offer heavier denim fabrics if you prefer a heavier one–again, that is the beauty of this company, you can customize your piece to get exactly what you want/need.

This skirt is amazing! The wide bottom gives you lots of freedom for moving around, and the fabric is very soft and flowy. Similar to the khaki skirt above, this one is pretty enough to wear to church, but also durable enough and comfortable enough to work in.

A Note About Price

These clothing items at Classic Clothing Store are very affordable, with most items being $25-$35 (some customizing options increase the cost of the items).  If you’re a bargain shopper like myself, that might be more than you would generally pay for an article of clothing.

Confession time: so often I’ve fallen for the trap of thinking that cheapest = the best value. However, as I have grown into our budget more, I’ve learned over and over this is not the case. It’s better to pay a bit more for a quality piece that will fit well and last, than to get the cheapest thing you can find that will either be stuffed to the back of your closet or worn out quickly and need to be replaced.

Another thing that the Lord has given me a big burden for is buying ethically sourced products. Yes, sometimes they are more expensive, but it’s worth the peace of mind in knowing that I am  supporting a family rather than a corporation, and purchasing ethically sourced goods. All of the clothing items from Classic clothing store are proudly handmade in the USA.

Learn More

Follow along with this company and see more of the things they have to offer:


I know that a lot of my readers are moms trying to find quality and affordable modest clothing for their girls to wear. Classic Clothing store has many options for you! In fact, Amy has generously provided me with a size 8 seersucker pleasant blouse to give away to one lucky winner. Isn’t this just darling? Of course, the adorable little girl modeling it doesn’t hurt anything :)


To be entered to win this shirt, please leave a comment letting me know why you’d like to win :)



  1. Shawna Tunnel says

    Love that modest clothing is still out there! You don’t see it in the stores anymore. As a mother to three boys, I definitely want to teach my boys about modesty and how to guard their hearts with the world around them

    • Crystal Brothers says

      I completely agree Shawna! I’m saddened by the things my boys will have to face in this world as young men :(

  2. says

    I have two little girls and it is so hard to find clothing that is both modest and feminine. I also have two boys (and we have one income) so I would love to win. Also, I have had some luck (also being plus-sized) with online companies catering to orthodox Jewish women–they tend to have layering tops, modest shirts and long skirts. They can be pricey, but I've found a few good deals.

  3. says

    I have a girlie who is just getting into size 8 that would look adorable in the shirt! She is turning into quite the little fashionista — while climbing trees and keeping up with her 5 brothers. Finding modest clothes for her has already turned into a struggle.

  4. says

    That shirt is great. It can pair with so many things. I struggle to find nice looking shirts to wear with my skirts that I don't have to have 3 different layers on to make modest.

  5. says

    it would be awesome to win that shirt because Gracie wears a size 8!! woohoo! Love long skirts. Thanks for this post because I didn't know about this company you highlighted and am always looking for modest clothing.

  6. Sarah B says

    Sorry if this touches on TMI. I have considered wearing more skirts/dresses, but … A somewhat personal question – as a plus-sized woman, I have problems with skirts because of chafing. What do you wear to help take care of that? I’m okay with a split slip for church, but, to wear it all day, I tend to get sweaty.

  7. Anonymous says

    I love your site. So glad The Lord led me to it. Look forward to each of your post. May The Lord continue to bless you and pray He allows you to continue your blog. Thankful in S.C.

  8. Tonya Caraway says

    I have a little lady who is just starting to wear that size. She would love that blouse. Another way to add skirts to your wardrobe is to convert pants into skirts. I like to add a different material to fill in so that the skirt can be longer. Either a coordinating fabric, lace, or the ruffled fabric can make it look very feminine.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      That sounds so cute! I really want to learn more about how to sew so that I can do things like that myself. I see so many great ideas on pinterest, etc.

  9. says

    I also wear only skirts and am always looking for affordable and good looking skirts! Thanks for the info on this company! The shirt is adorable, too!

  10. says

    Firstly let me tell you the first thought that came to my mind was that you are so beautiful! Secondly, I’d love to win this little shirt for a beautiful little princess in my home :-) Thanks so much… :-)

  11. Clarissa says

    I’ve been wanting to try their clothing for awhile now! Seeing how pretty you look in the skirts and your reviews may just be the push I need to place an order! I also have a little girl in the size of the blouse giveaway.

  12. says

    My little girls love pretty clothes, and this would be perfect for them! It's becoming increasingly difficult to find clothes that are appropriate for a little girl (as opposed to a 18 year old rock star) and are modest, high-quality, and affordable as well.

  13. Steffi Remando says

    I have gained some weight after having a daughter. My baby is now 2 years old and it’s so hard to lose weight. All my clothes would not fit me anymore. So it’s hard to find a clothes that will fit on me. Good thing I have found this website that sells affordable, trendy and plus size clothes.

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