Exceedingly, Abundantly Above (Unexpected blessings)

I have 2 little boys that love all things LEGO.

(Here they are with a couple of awesome sets they got for their birthdays earlier this summer).

lego bday 2

lego bday

As I mentioned in my email newsletter, we had a yard sale this past weekend. It was fun, but busy.

Earlier in the week, we’d been at the store buying price stickers and poster board for signs. While there, my boys looked at the toys and picked out a couple of LEGO sets that they especially loved and wanted.

I had told them they could keep all the money from the sale of kid stuff at our yard sale, so they were hoping to get enough to buy it. They needed $53 to buy both items they were wanting.

Let me just tell you a little story about how notoriously unsuccessful our yard sales tend to be. We almost never have them, because they are so bad. One time, we had one at a friend’s lot in town. Our house was out in the country at the time and though it was a hassle to pack everything over there, we thought it might go better if we were nearer to town and exposed to more traffic. We were set up there for 2 days and we made a grand total of $30. We spent more than that on supplies and lunch the 2 days we were there.

So, while my boys were hoping to earn enough to buy their special toys, I wasn’t “holding my breath” so to speak, and was gently trying to prepare them for the possibility that they would earn much less.

I was thinking realistically they’d probably make around $5-8. I hoped they would make $10-$20. In my “dreaming,” I thought it would be so neat if they could get $10-$15 each.

But I didn’t really think that would happen.

The Bible tells us that God is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think (Ephesians 3:20).

So remember, what I thought they’d get was around $5-8. What I hoped they’d get was $10-$20. My biggest, unrealistic dreaming was $30-40.

They ended up earning$65!!!

They got just enough to tithe, buy both items they wanted, and have a couple dollars left over! 

What a blessing!

But then, God surprised us even more. When we went to the store, we were given an unexpected $10/50 coupon by the cashier. So, they ended up with $10 free.

Exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think.

It was such a blessing for our whole family. We’ve been teaching our kids about tithing and it was so neat to be able to have them be blessed so quickly in such a way. They had committed $6.50 to the Lord, and they immediately received back $10. Obviously, it doesn’t always work that way, but I do believe the Lord blesses us when we entrust Him with our finances. And I want us to always remember, and teach our children that “every good and perfect gift comes from above.”

It’s not really about the money, this touched me so much because of Who it came from. God is so very good to us! He is good to us all the time, in good times and in bad times He blesses us.

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