Real Food: Focus on What You CAN Have

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Completely changing your eating habits can be a big undertaking. You are to be rewarded for investing in your health–and you will be with the health benefits you’ll see. However, that doesn’t mean it will be easy. In fact, most things worth doing don’t come easy. But it will be worth it. Yesterday, I talked about some basic guidelines when it comes to eating real food. The problem is that processed ingredients are hiding in so many places. But, it doesn’t have to be overwhelming!

One of the best ways that I’ve found to stay on track is to keep a positive attitude. Focus on what you can have–wholesome, nutritious, delicious real food.

Instead of lamenting the foods you can’t have anymore, focus on all the delicious foods you get to enjoy, guilt free.

Fruits & Veggies

Feel free to eat all the fruits and veggies that you want! Fresh is best, but frozen is great also. We eat canned veggies too. Again, make sure that you check the ingredients list, especially on packaged fruits and veggies–many add sugar, preservatives, and dyes.

Get these locally at a farmer’s market when you can! Local and in season is always best.

Meats & Seafood

Again, local is best. Look for organic, pastured, grassfed meats and wild caught seafood. The documentary Food, Inc. offers a very eye-opening look into the meat industry and it’s not pretty.  Michael Pollan suggests eating less meat (mostly plants), and he makes a case for this in his book In Defense of Food.

Whole Grains

Remember, you’ll want to avoid refined white flour, but you can have whole grains. Whole wheat, or white whole wheat flour, brown rice, oats, etc. When purchasing corn products, look for non-GMO.

For bread products, unless you have a great bakery nearby, you will most likely need to make them homemade in order to avoid the huge list of processed ingredients found in nearly all store bought bread products. Later in the series, I will be sharing my favorite, easiest, 5-ingredient homemade bread.

Dairy Products

Whole milk, cheeses, plain yogurt, eggs. Enjoy these! One note about the cheese is that yellow cheeses have coloring, and shredded cheeses have unnecessary added ingredients to prevent mold, and to keep it from all sticking together. The block cheeses that you shred yourself with a grater are better. Look for the basic necessary ingredients.

Natural Sweeteners

You want to avoid the refined white sugar, like I mentioned yesterday. However, you can still have yummy treats with natural sweeteners. I’m going to share more in depth about that later on in this series, but we focus on 100% pure honey, and 100% pure Maple Syrup.


Again, I will be sharing more ideas later in the series, but the options for snacks are endless! Home-popped popcorn, nuts, dried fruits (like raisins, etc…just make sure to read the ingredients list as some of these add unnecessary sugar), seeds, fruits & veggies, and more!

As we get into this series, I will be sharing more specific ideas for real food snacks and ideas.

Real Food Series

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  1. Alysson says

    Hi Crystal! I feel so lucky to have your sweet blogs in my email. I know you’ve mentioned the financial side of things in your blogs before, and, while God always provides exactly enough, the financial side of things is always a struggle for us. I’ve spent hours trying to stretch our little budget to plan 14 suppers that are not full of cheap, processed ingredients. It is so frustrating. Can you address how to eat real food on a very small, tight budget? Where do you find your best prices, and how do you make your weekly plan? Where do you get your recipes? My kids are opposites, one very picky and one very easy to please. Which things do your kids like best with your real food challenge? I know I’ve asked a lot, but I hope over the 31 days, you will be able to answer some of my questions. Thank you for always being real and for being a good Christian example!

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