Real Food Resources

Real Food Resources

Those first few days of a major diet change are tough. Really tough.

One of the things that helped me a lot during my journey so far was to use some of these resources to help me keep my “why?” at the forefront. That’s the most important thing, especially at first.

I found these books fascinating. The idea of eating actual food instead of lab created, chemical-based, food stuff, has always made so much sense to me (well, at least for the past few years when I actually started thinking about it). I’m so thankful that the Lord has helped me in having the strength so far to put it into practice for myself and my family.

I started with In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, and I still recommend that as a good starting point. Another strong recommendation from me is Nourishing Traditions. It’s a fantastic resource full of tips, information, recipes, and more.

Here are some other resources I recommend. Many are ones I have read, and some have recently been added to my wishlist based on recommendations from friends and real foodies.

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