Finding Encouragement: Count Your Blessings

Encouragement from blessings

I know this can sound trite, but it’s actually very important and effective.

Remember What God Has Done for You

What can you praise the Lord for? Sometimes when we’re discouraged or having a string of bad days, it can be hard to remember the things the Lord has done for us. But if we’re intentional, it can go along way in helping us regain a better perspective.

Here are some questions to get you started

  1. How has the Lord delivered you in the past?
  2. How has He provided for you?
  3. How has God come through for you when you needed Him, or brought you through a tough time?
  4. Has the Lord healed you or a family member from physical illness?

If you are really low, and really stuck, just thank Him for His merciful, saving grace. That alone is so much more than we deserve.

Remember those times that God has been there for you. He is never changing and Jesus has promised to never leave nor forsake His children. He has seen you through the valleys before and He will do it again .

Look to Your Blessings

Sometimes when we’re discouraged, our problems look so big. They start to take over until on the darkest days, the enemy will use your discouragement to lie to you and tell you that you aren’t blessed. That there is nothing good about your life or that you aren’t important.

Don’t listen. Don’t let that attitude win, instead look to the giver of all good things for the blessings in your life. Start naming them. No matter how bad your situation is, you have something to be thankful for. And on a regular discouraged day, you probably have tons of things to be thankful for. You just have to be intentional about seeing it.

Practical Steps

  • Start a prayer journal. This may not help you today, but it will help you in the future. This can be as detailed or simple as you want, but it’s so important for us to keep a record of the ways God answers prayers in our lives and moves in situations. It will help you to remember those things in darker times, and it will help to build your faith for the future.
  • Start a gratitude journal.  Start now, whether you’re discouraged or not. Every single day, make a list of 3 specific things that you’re thankful for. I’ve always tried to focus on gratitude, but when I started being intentional about listing 3 specific things every day, it changed my entire perspective.

Making intentional gratitude a part of every day has helped me to form a habit of seeing the blessings in the midst of trials. Start this now, and it will be easier to focus on your blessings on the bad days.

When You Need Encouragement

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Where do you find encouragement for those tough days?


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    I love the journaling tips. I’m always so much more thankful when I’m taking time each day to write down all He has done for me. Plus, on low days, I can go back to those good pages and remember His blessings. He always provides! Thanks for a great post.

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