3 Simple Changes to Transform a Bad Day

simple changes transform day

I’m talking about bad days this week. Earlier in the week, I talked about some truths you need to remember on the bad days. Today, I want to talk about fixing them.

Sometimes, it can seem a bit hopeless. I’ve had days that start to unravel from the moment my feet hit the floor. You know, those days that feel like Monday all day long. It’s tempting to curl right back up in my covers and hide, and to be honest there are days where I probably would if I could.

But, I have 2 children who need homeschool lessons, and a family that needs to be fed and cared for, regardless of what kind of day I’m having. So hiding away in my blankets isn’t exactly an option. If that’s you today, I first want to encourage you to check out this printable of 9 truths to remember on a bad day.

I do have some good news, though: I don’t have to accept a bad day, and neither do you. Here are some simple strategies for turning around a bad day.

1. Change Your Attitude

Attitude is everything.

First things first–pull yourself together. Yes, I know it might feel like the day is hopeless, but that attitude gets you nowhere. Actually, that’s not true–that attitude feeds your bad day and makes it a worse day. This is the attitude that makes you wallow instead of being productive and snap at your kids (which in turn makes them throw more fits), until everything cycles completely out of control.

True story.

Stop that in its tracks right now. Instead of bemoaning that your day has already been a long one and it’s not even 8 am yet, remind yourself that you still have plenty of day left to make a turnaround–and this is true, regardless of what time it is in the day.

Apply it: Say it to yourself right now–Today doesn’t have to be a bad day. The first part of the day has been bad, but the rest is unwritten and I can make it something better.

2. Change Your Focus

The Bible tells us to set our minds on things above and not on earthly things. In Isaiah we’re told of God, “You will keep in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you.”

I don’t know about you, but when I’m having a bad day, I’m usually thinking about less than heavenly things–worrisome finances, how mad I am at my husband or children, how unruly my kids are being, how much I’m failing, how messy my house is…the list goes on.

Wow…those things aren’t exactly the “whatever is lovely” types of things we’re told to meditate on in scripture, huh? (phil 4:8)

Apply it: Put on some praise music. Find a quiet place and read your Bible (put something on TV for the kids for a few minutes if you have to–desperate times and all that). Pray!

Furthermore, you can also focus on someone else instead of yourself and your bad day–think of someone that you can serve today, or someone that you can pray for. This is great for getting your mind off your bad day, and a great way to bless someone else as well.

3. Change Your Routine

Once you’ve got your heart in check, you can start working on the more practical things. I love having a good routine–our morning and evening routines are especially important, and most kids tend to do better with routines as well, so I’m not suggesting that you give up on your routine altogether. Even if they are laid back and flexible, routines work.

But sometimes, it’s good to have something to deviate from. And on one of those bad days, a change in routine can be just what you need for the whole family to snap out of it. It can be as simple as having movie and a popcorn, getting outside for a walk, or snuggling on the couch with a book. Just something to break the routine of the day or moment.

Walk away from those dirty dishes for a bit and take a breather. Let your bickering children do something that they will enjoy enough to snap them out of that bad day.

Obviously we can’t chuck the chores everyday, but on days that feel especially bad, it can completely change things around to break up the routine a bit.

Bonus Tip: A good day begins the night before

One of the most important tips that I can give you about stopping a bad day in its tracks is to prevent it. One of the best ways that you can do that is by setting yourself up for success the night before.

Crystal Paine has a brand new course out to help you learn to do that: Make Over Your Evenings. Many of you have taken her Make Over Your Mornings course and have learned so much about having a better morning routine. Now it’s time to make over your evenings to help you get a better start on your morning.

make over your evening

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    It seems like I have had is bad days but I am working hard on changing them and I can not wait till I am able to as I am tired of being upset and angry all the time.

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