We Bought a Farm!!! {AKA When Dreams Come True}

Dreams do come true! We bought a farm :)


Sometimes, right in the middle of the everyday ordinary, God reminds us that He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think. 

We have bought a small farm.

I can’t explain all the ways I’m overwhelmed as I write this post. In many ways, it feels like a lifetime ago that our landlord knocked on our door and let us know that he was going to sell our house at the beginning of May and we’d need to moveagain. I was so discouraged and instantly weary at the thought of trying to find a place to go, and packing up all our belongings and moving our family again when we’d just done this in November.

But it was only 2 short months ago, and God has worked in miraculous ways since then.

It has been a time of uncertainty. Through much of that uncertainty, I was reading the story of the Isrealites and their journey through the wilderness. How amazing that the Lord led me through that just when I needed it the most. But at the same time, not amazing at all. Because God’s word is alive and sharper than any 2-edged sword. And God is sovereign over the details of our lives.

Those words spoke peace and hope into my heart as I began to feel like the children of Israel on a journey through the wilderness (except mine was, mercifully, much shorter than 40 years!), and the Lord began to whisper to me about our very own “promised land.”

A 1,000 square foot house. Just a few small rooms–2 tiny bedrooms and one closet-sized bathroom, but the living area is wide open and roomy. Nothing much to most people, but it’s perfect for us.

It’s right in the middle of Amish country which I love. It’s also 1 mile away from some dear, dear friends of ours–and in country living, a mile away is a neighbor! lol. We are so excited to be moving into this little community.

The house is sitting on 5.5 acres with a beautiful yard, and gently rolling pastures already fenced in. There is a great barn just waiting for the animals we’re planning to add to our little homestead. And clothes line where I’ll hang our laundry out to dry. A big front porch for my porch swing that’s been in storage since we moved.

There is a large garden area, complete with strawberries that survived the winter even without being tended.


A gift from my Heavenly Father. When we moved here and had to leave our house behind, I was so sad about leaving our small strawberry patch that had just started producing well. And now we have another patch about the same maturity, except 3 times the size of our original one! Exceedingly abundantly above.

And, speaking of plants–I have mint! My hubby almost got rid of it, because it looked like a rough patch of weeds, but underneath all that mess is mint!


So many things have worked out perfectly–even down to the bargain, discounted, mistinted paint the owner was going to use, that just happened to be the right quantities and similar colors that we would have chosen ourselves! The house appraised a bit low (because it doesn’t have full electricity yet), so we’re paying a few thousand more than the current appraisal but it means we’re paying a few thousand less than we originally thought.

I am completely overwhelmed by the blessings!

Because it’s an Amish house, there is a lot of work to be done to get it ready for us–finishing up wiring, hook ups (plumbing and wiring) for the washer and dryer and hot water heater, etc. And we’ll be rushing to get our garden in this summer. But, it’s ours. 

After 3.5 years of renting–some okay, and some truly awful situations with bad landlords, mold, ruined stuff…we have our own place again and much faster than we thought we’d be able to after what happened with our other house. It almost feels too good to be true, but the Lord has blessed us mightily.

I am so excited to get in there and fix things up the way we want them to be, and share tons of pictures with you all. I just love the promise of new beginnings!

A New Passion for Homemaking

As you might expect, I have a renewed excitement and passion for making our home a haven.

I’m also more excited than ever about The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle this year–it couldn’t have come at a better time for me–I can’t wait to dig into all the resources about decorating, housekeeping, setting routines, and more. I’m ready to hit the ground running and start things off in this new house the way I want to continue.

But you don’t have to wait for a new home.

Do it now. Wherever you are, make your home a haven. If you feel like you’ve been lacking in passion for homemaking, check out the Homemaking Bundle–there are so many great bloggers involved with books, printables, eCourses, and more in a great variety  of topics and categories. The encouragement, enthusiasm, and ideas shared –and free natural cleaning supplies in one of the bonuses–is sure to renew your passion for homemaking!

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  1. Anonymous says

    So happy for you guys! God has blessed you for your obedience to Him! It is a dream you guys have had for so long! Im excited to continue to follow you along on your many home steading adventures! Congratulations and maby blessings to you and yours! <3

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Thank you Tina! I hope that for you as well. It has been a long journey to get here, but now it all feels worth it :)

    • Crystal Brothers says

      THank you so much, Jenni! I have appreciated your encouragement so much :) And, thanks for your purchase of the Homemaking bundle as well!

  2. A girl says

    I just found your blog and have never read it, but God brought me just in time. We have a lot of the same story but still waiting for a home. Our story is long or I’d tell it, but it includes three years of living in another family’s home to care for their children and then two homes sold “from under us” while renting them and one we were suppose to buy but my husband was laid off and then his broken hand and we now live in a tiny tiny tiny cabin where we pray each day to know Him more. We sure are knowing Him more and many other lovely blessings. Your reference to the Israelites and your whole story was spot on for us. Thank you for the encouragement. We would sure love land of our own one day.

    • Crystal Brothers says

      Wow! That sounds so tough, but what an inspiration you are– “where we pray each day to know Him more.” That attitude just makes so much difference, I’m sure. Thank you for sharing and I’m praying for you that your dreams will come true as well, but that you’ll continue to trust in the Lord and draw your contentment from Him in the meantime.

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